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What you need to know about led headlight before buying a car?

When your original halogen headlights glow with yellow light all the way along with you at night, some people rejoice and others worry. Now is the era of rapid development of technology, endless headlights, dazzling consumers, xenon headlights, LED headlights, laser headlights, matrix headlights, etc., car headlights are constantly evolving, when your car The tungsten filament bulbs are equipped for decades, with low cost, low color temperature and low brightness, do you feel “OUT”?

Is it necessary to replace the halogen bulb with LED car headlight?

In fact, the LED lights in life are replacing the traditional tungsten filament lamps bit by bit, which is bright and power-saving, and has a long life. It is really a good product at home and the only choice. With the popularity of LED, the price is getting lower and lower, but why it has become a high-end configuration after being put on the car?

Because automotive LED headlights have certain technical difficulties and some additional costs, for example, to achieve high-power heat dissipation in a relatively small enclosed space, such as high-beam and low-beam switching. (Does not need to consider these problems for household LED bulbs, Changliang will not exceed 40w) LED manufacturers need to work closely with car manufacturers to carry out research and development in this area. Because the product information such as the mold and requirements of the car lights are in the hands of the auto manufacturers, there are not too many “light-making” companies that can enter this industry.

Due to the limitation of the light emitting principle, the LED headlight bulbs emit light on both sides of the metal base. It is not like a traditional halogen bulb, a small filament is glowing. And LED bulbs need to be used with the heat dissipation system, otherwise it is easy to overheat and overload, or even burn out in such a small enclosed space as the headlights. The traditional halogen bulb is the real “focus light source”, and the light emitted by the LED is “astigmatism”. Therefore, LED bulbs and xenon headlights require lens groups to help focus light.

If your original car headlight assembly does not have a lens, it is not very recommended to replace the LED bulb. Because the lampshade of the traditional halogen lamp can’t play the role of condensing light at all, the outgoing light will definitely diverge. Although some cars are also equipped with halogen lamps, but because the assembly contains a lens (that is, the yellow light lens seen on the road), the modification effect will be relatively good.

To replace the LED bulb, first determine whether the original car headlight assembly is a reflector or a lens. If it is a reflective bowl, then you need to choose a LED headlight with a good spotlight; if it is a lens, then do not choose a LED headlight with a good spotlight, otherwise there will be black shadows.

Whether the spotlight is good or bad can be roughly judged according to the following principles (but not absolutely):

1. Luminous on both sides> Luminous on three sides> Luminous on four sides
2. The smaller the distance between the two lamp beads, the better the light  gathering.
3. Bulb with lens> Bulb without lens

Driving at night, the light is bright and can be seen clearly, but it cannot be “bright”, so it is very important to choose a good LED headlight bulbs kit.