Cristiano Ronaldo im Brennpunkt

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Aus der sportlichen Perspektive liefert Ronaldo nach wie vor. Er war für Portugal im September gleich doppelt erfolgreich. Als er 2 Tore zum Sieg beisteuerte. Auch im Alter von 35 Jahren ist Ronaldo nicht zu bremsen.

Abseits des Platzes jedoch hat Ronaldo mit einigen schwierigen Situationen zu tun. Bekannt wurde nun das in seine Villa im Wert von 7,7 Millionen Euro auf der Heimatinsel Madeira eingebrochen wurde. Ermittlungen ergaben jedoch, dass lediglich einige kleine Gegenstände gestohlen wurden. Unter anderem ein signiertes Juventus Turin Trikot. Weder Ronaldos Mutter Dolores noch sein Bruder Hugo, die beide in der Villa wohnen sind zum Zeitpunkt des Einbruchs im Haus.

Dies ist jedoch nicht die einzige schlechte Neuigkeit in Ronaldos Umfeld. Es meldete sich auch die Justiz erneut bei ihm. In einem Gericht in Las Vegas wurde zugunsten der Klägerin Kathryn Mayorga entschieden, dass Ronaldo eine Vergewaltigung begangen haben soll. Es wurde bereits ein Termin für Dezember vereinbart. An diesem muss Ronaldo erscheinen, sofern im Vorfeld keine außergerichtliche Einigung gefunden werden sollte. Bisher wurden die Vorwürfe des ehemaligen Models von Ronaldo stets zurückgewiesen. So wurden die Gerüchte bezüglich der Vergewaltigung von Ronaldo an Kathryn Mayorga als Fake News bezeichnet. Der Fall ist bereits mehrere Jahre alt. So kam er das erste Mal im Jahre 2018 in die Medien vom schweizer Fussball. Weiter aufgerollt wurde er dann während des Jahres 2019. Und auch im Jahr 2020 ist er noch dort präsent. In der letzten Zeit konnten allerdings die Schlagzeilen positiver Art und sportlicher Natur überwiegen was die Präsenz von Ronaldo in den Medien betrifft. Aber wie lange ist dem noch so? Eine Frage die sich auch Portugals Nationaltrainer Fernando Santos stellt. Dieser erklärte dem TV Sender TVI24: „Ronaldo möchte spielen bis er 40 ist.“ Ob das auch passieren werde wisse er selbst noch nicht genau. Er führte weiter aus: „Es kann sein, dass er irgendwann an den Punkt gelangt, an dem er selbst merkt, dass es bei ihm nicht mehr wie früher läuft“.

Nach bislang noch unbestätigten Informationen soll Ronaldo bezüglich der WM 2022 geäußert haben, das dieses Turnier seine letzte WM Teilnahme werden würde.

Tiny House Insulation

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Tiny house insulation is extremely important. The better your tiny house is insulated, the less energy you need to use.

Insulation material can consist of different materials. You have both natural and artificial products to choose from, depending on what you find better suits your tiny house. Of course, it is important that just like your tiny house, the insulation material is also durable, so environmentally friendly.

When insulating a house, the Rc value plays an important role. Of course, this also applies to tiny houses. The ‘R’ in ‘Rc’ stands for ‘resistance’ and the ‘c’ stands for ‘construction’. Here it concerns complete construction pieces, for example floor, roof or cavity wall. Other words for Rc value is heat resistance or insulation value. 

Roof insulation for your tiny house

If you isolate your roof, you can save a lot on your energy costs. An insulated roof can keep your house warmer in winter and can also keep the heat out in summer, so your house stays nice and cool in summer. So choose a roof insulation with a high insulation value to invest in and save a lot of money.

It is important that moisture can escape from your roof and not get stuck in the insulation material, otherwise the wood will rot. In addition to the vapour tight foil on the outside, it is also important to use climate protection foil on the inside.

Is your roof already insulated? You can always check if there is something to improve.

Thinking correctly and clearly

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In this article, we will look at 5 main rules from the Stoic philosophers that will teach you to express your thoughts correctly and clearly.

In Stoic rhetoric, five advantages of speech were distinguished:

 1. Correct grammar and rich vocabulary

 2. Clarity of expression, making ideas easy to understand

 3. Brevity – use no more words than necessary

 4. Compliance of style with the subject of speech and the level of understanding of the audience

 5. Perfection of expression, avoidance of vulgarity

Stoics, in contrast to the sophists, turned to reason, tried to avoid value judgments and emotional rhetoric.

The Stoic approach was to separate value judgments from facts. By sticking to the facts, we reduce our own anxiety. The same tactic is used in psychotherapy. The founder of cognitive therapy, Aaron T. Beck, encouraged people with anxiety to describe disturbing events in a fact-based way, avoiding value judgments and emotional language. When we catastrophize a situation, we torture ourselves with the question: “What if?” The cognitive approach involves alternative questions: “So what?” or “What’s next?”

Therefore, it is worth developing the ability to distance yourself from your thoughts and emotions, learn not to perceive them as an objective reality.

If you want to learn more about Stoic philosophy, how it can be applied in modern life, and what behests of the last good Roman emperor will help you to live consciously, read our sprint “Thinking Like a Roman Emperor.” These are key ideas from the bestselling book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson, a psychotherapist and co-founder of the popular non-profit organization Modern Stoicism.

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Suzanne Collins

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Suzanne Collins, America’s top television writer, and the author was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She was born on August 10 in the year 1962. She is known as an author, a screenwriter, and a novelist. Click here for more information about Suzanne’s great Book Series.

Suzanne spent most of her childhood in the Eastern parts of the United States.

The author went to the Alabama School of Fine Arts, which is situated in Birmingham. She graduated in the year 1980 in the Theatre Arts major. Other than that, Collins has always completed her Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University Bloomington. Here she graduated with a double major in theatre ad telecommunications in the year 1980. The author also holds a master’s degree from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts in Master of Fine Arts.

Suzanne has two children named Charlie and Isabella with her ex-husband Charles. The couple got divorced in the year 2015. The celebrity’s career has a lot of amazing highlights. She had begun her career in the year 1991. At first, she started as a writer for children’s television shows. The most famous plays include: 

  1. Clarissa Explains It All
  2. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
  3. Little Bear
  4. Oswald

Suzanne has won a bunch of awards throughout her career. These include the Publishers Weekly’s best books of the year, School Library Journal Best books award, Authors Guild award, and a lot more.

Suzanne has also written a bunch of children’s books. Her book, Gregor the Overlander, is one of her bestsellers. Not to add, it was her first book to make it to The New York Times bestselling series. Moreover, her series of Hunger Games are still loved to date. The author adapted the novel into a film herself. It was directed by Gary Ross, and Katniss Everdeen played the leading role.

Collins is an incredible writer. She is known at The New York Times for Best Selling series and for her fantastic work regarding Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collins currently lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Things to do in South Africa

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South Africa is the home of many plants and animals. It is one of the beautiful places in the world that got fame because of its tourist destination. Though it’s not a big country, you have many things to do that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You can visit many attractive places, including mountains, museums, tourist places, forests, and many things. Today, we are going to discuss things to do in South Africa. Let’s check it out.

Renting and driving a car:

Driving in South Africa is not a big deal. You can rent a car and take it anywhere. The rental services companies will allow self-driving. You can also ask for a driver or guide. The roads of the country are considered to drive friendly, so you can freely drive the car.


The price of a rental car is very low. You can hire the vehicle for an hourly basis, as well.


The local transportation is very less in urban areas, but on the rural side, there is no specific bus or another transportation system. That is why it is convenient to rent a car.

Things to do in South Africa:

Here we are going to enlist some of the most exciting places that you must explore while a visit to South Africa.

1. Cape Town:

This level of the mountain extends to 3,500 feet above the city of Cape Town and it gives a stunning side on the top of the mainland. The mountain is tall enough that when the cloud came, it just covers the peak, giving a cover of white wisps you can look downward on.

2. Boulders Beach:

You can go from Cape Town’s midtown will carry you to Boulders Beach, yet be set up to battle some modest local people for sandy, waterfront land: The region is home to a state of penguins that made a case for the seashore back in the mid-’80s and never left. Their house is currently a haven. You’re welcome to get as close as you dare without contacting, however, whatever you do, don’t try to feed them because penguin doesn’t get friendly with anyone so they might attack you back.

3. Orange River:

Not a long way from the outskirt of Namibia, this stretch of the Orange River—the most extended stream in the nation—in the Augrabies Falls area is brimming with adrenaline junkie kayakers hoping to shoot Class V rapids (however there are a lot of bits where it’s simple rowing for tenderfoots). All visits can accompany a guide; the braver can wander downstream performance.

4. The Big Hole in Kimberley:

The greenish-blue waters in the base of this relinquished precious stone dig make for a shocking photograph from any number of vantage focuses. Yet, the best one is uncertain, politeness of a helicopter voyage through the capital city of the Northern Cape Province. On the ground, you can head into the deserted mine and discover what it resembled when the activity was going all out—150 years prior.

What you need to know about led headlight before buying a car?

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When your original halogen headlights glow with yellow light all the way along with you at night, some people rejoice and others worry. Now is the era of rapid development of technology, endless headlights, dazzling consumers, xenon headlights, LED headlights, laser headlights, matrix headlights, etc., car headlights are constantly evolving, when your car The tungsten filament bulbs are equipped for decades, with low cost, low color temperature and low brightness, do you feel “OUT”?

Is it necessary to replace the halogen bulb with LED car headlight?

In fact, the LED lights in life are replacing the traditional tungsten filament lamps bit by bit, which is bright and power-saving, and has a long life. It is really a good product at home and the only choice. With the popularity of LED, the price is getting lower and lower, but why it has become a high-end configuration after being put on the car?

Because automotive LED headlights have certain technical difficulties and some additional costs, for example, to achieve high-power heat dissipation in a relatively small enclosed space, such as high-beam and low-beam switching. (Does not need to consider these problems for household LED bulbs, Changliang will not exceed 40w) LED manufacturers need to work closely with car manufacturers to carry out research and development in this area. Because the product information such as the mold and requirements of the car lights are in the hands of the auto manufacturers, there are not too many “light-making” companies that can enter this industry.

Due to the limitation of the light emitting principle, the LED headlight bulbs emit light on both sides of the metal base. It is not like a traditional halogen bulb, a small filament is glowing. And LED bulbs need to be used with the heat dissipation system, otherwise it is easy to overheat and overload, or even burn out in such a small enclosed space as the headlights. The traditional halogen bulb is the real “focus light source”, and the light emitted by the LED is “astigmatism”. Therefore, LED bulbs and xenon headlights require lens groups to help focus light.

If your original car headlight assembly does not have a lens, it is not very recommended to replace the LED bulb. Because the lampshade of the traditional halogen lamp can’t play the role of condensing light at all, the outgoing light will definitely diverge. Although some cars are also equipped with halogen lamps, but because the assembly contains a lens (that is, the yellow light lens seen on the road), the modification effect will be relatively good.

To replace the LED bulb, first determine whether the original car headlight assembly is a reflector or a lens. If it is a reflective bowl, then you need to choose a LED headlight with a good spotlight; if it is a lens, then do not choose a LED headlight with a good spotlight, otherwise there will be black shadows.

Whether the spotlight is good or bad can be roughly judged according to the following principles (but not absolutely):

1. Luminous on both sides> Luminous on three sides> Luminous on four sides
2. The smaller the distance between the two lamp beads, the better the light  gathering.
3. Bulb with lens> Bulb without lens

Driving at night, the light is bright and can be seen clearly, but it cannot be “bright”, so it is very important to choose a good LED headlight bulbs kit.

Lütkehaus & Büser – E1 real estate agency Ahlen with off market real estate brokerage

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Carmen Lütkehaus and Silke Büser are partners of E1 International Investment Holding GmbH from Wiesbaden with their GbR für Immobilien und Finanzierung with its registered office in the Westphalian community of Ahlen. Ahlen is located a good 30 kilometres or an hour’s drive southeast of the city of Münster.

E1 Holding or E1 for short is a German service provider for off market real estate and capital investments. Off Market means outside the open, i.e. publicly accessible real estate and capital investment market. E1 works with a network that is as dense as it is discreet and is represented at around three and a half dozen locations throughout Germany. In this region of the Münsterland region, somewhat away from large cities and conurbations, Lütkehaus & Büser Off Market Immobilien Ahlen represents the interests of E1. Here, real estate owners as well as investors from Ahlen and the surrounding area will find absolutely discreet support in achieving their goals on the real estate market for off market properties.

Services and competencies of your E1 Real Estate Agent Ahlen

With our real estate brokerage services, we take over the discreet mediation of solvent investors for land and property owners. Within two weeks, E1 Immobilienbüro Ahlen will provide you with a diverse selection, divided into institutional, commercial and private investors. As E1 partner we have access to the E1 Holding database with off market properties and real estate. The entire E1 portfolio is carefully maintained and checked, each individual property is currently valued.

Further focal points of our E1 investment and real estate brokerage are for the 120 km² city of Ahlen and the catchment area with neighbouring communities in the entire district of Warendorf such business areas as real estate financing, property management activities for condominiums and rental properties as well as brokerage from residential to commercial properties. Our Off Market Real Estate Agency Ahlen is a Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognised training company with the two languages of communication, German and English.

Strandhuisjes, ook voor jou!

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Wanneer het aantal zonuren toeneemt en de temperatuur stijgt trekken Nederlanders massaal naar de kust om verkoeling te zoeken in de zee. Op sommige stukken Noordzeestrand kun je ’s zomers praktisch over de hoofden lopen. Als je er al in slaagt om de kust te bereiken, want soms zijn de files zo lang, dat je pas na uren de duintoppen plaats ziet maken voor de eindeloze horizon.

Het kan haast niet anders dan dat je soms met enige jaloezie hebt gekeken naar de mensen die een huis aan de kust hebben. Je hebt vast wel eens gefantaseerd over een ochtendwandeling over het nog lege strand. En hoe heerlijk zal de koffie smaken wanneer je deze drinkt met uitzicht over de branding? Maar ja, strandhuisjes zijn niet voor iedereen weggelegd. Dat is iets voor mensen met (veel) geld. Toch?

Strandhuisjes zijn toegankelijker dan je denkt

Natuurlijk, een villa aan de kust is onbetaalbaar. Zelfs een appartementje in Zandvoort kost al snel een half miljoen. Dat geld heeft niet iedereen liggen. Maar waarom zou je een strandhuisje kopen? De meeste van ons kunnen hooguit een paar weken per jaar vrijmaken voor hun vakantie. Gelukkig zijn er voor ons ook voldoende strandhuisjes beschikbaar. 

Betaalbare strandhuisjes op de beste locaties

Op hebben we ons ten doel gesteld om strandhuisjes voor iedereen toegankelijk te maken. En daar lijken we goed in te slagen, want we hebben inmiddels een mooi aantal strandhuisjes gevonden die een prijs/kwaliteitsverhouding bieden om je vingers bij af te likken.

En ook de diversiteit aan strandhuisjes is iets waar we trots op zijn. Je kunt in Nederland terecht van Zeeland tot de Ameland. Sommige strandhuisjes kijken direct uit over de zee, terwijl anderen beschut tussen de duinen liggen (maar wel op loopafstand tot de zee). Sommige van onze strandhuisjes bieden ruimte voor het hele gezin, terwijl anderen perfect zijn voor een romantische get-away met zijn tweetjes.

Maar wat alle strandhuisjes met elkaar gemeen hebben is dat ze perfect zijn om te genieten van een heerlijke vakantie aan de kust. Voel het zand tussen je tenen zodra je ’s ochtends naar buiten stapt om de eerste zonnestralen op je gezicht te voelen.

Kijk op voor het aanbod aan strandhuisjes en boek direct! Het boeken kost je slechts enkele minuten, waarna de voorpret kan beginnen. Dit beleef de strandvakantie van je dromen!

De perfecte luxekampeervakantie beleef je in Italië

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Er zijn maar weinig vakantielanden die je echt alles bieden wat je hartje kan begeren. Italië staat hooggenoteerd in dat rijtje. Ga maar na: lekker eten, prachtige natuur, een vriendelijk klimaat, hartelijke mensen, goede wijnen en op praktisch elke straathoek een cultureel hoogtepunt.

Voor elk wat wils

Wat jouw idee van een perfecte vakantie ook is, in Italië zit je goed. De liefhebber van watersport haalt zijn hart op aan het Gardameer, de romanticus geniet van pittoreske dorpjes in regio’s als Toscane en Umbrie. De liefhebber van cultuur en historie bezoekt steden als Florence en Rome. En de stranden aan de Adriatische kust zijn het walhalla voor de fervente liefhebber van strand, zee en zon.

Het goede leven in Italië

Welke insteek je ook kiest voor de vakantie, in Italië leef je het goede leven. Denk aan de vele overheerlijke (anti) pasta’s, de gerechten vol zongerijpte tomaten en olijven, pizza’s zoals je die alleen in Italië kunt vinden en natuurlijk, na afloop, een lekkere kop koffie.

De ideale vakantie is glamping

Wie al het goede van Italië optimaal wil genieten, doet er goed aan om te kiezen voor een luxe kampeervakantie. Glamping, heet dat. Het staat voor luxe kamperen op een van de beste campings van het land. Bij Glamping staat je verblijf al helemaal voor je klaar wanneer je aankomt op je favoriete plek in Italië. Je safaritent, lodge of tiny house is helemaal voor je ingericht, met alle luxe die je nodig hebt. Echte bedden, een eenvoudige keuken, elektriciteit. Alle gemakken die je van thuis gewend bent, vindt je in de glamping accommodatie in Italië.

Overal in Italië een glamping

Wil je ook een vakantie genieten van Glamping in Italië? Bezoek dan voor een lijst met de beste luxe kampeeraccommodaties in La Dulce Italia. Kies je favoriete regio, zoals Florence, Sardinië, Lazio, Veneto en andere en je krijgt meteen een selectie  te zien van de beste glampings die Italië te bieden heeft. Boeken is een kwestie van een paar muisklikken. Daarna kan de voorpret beginnen.

Wie weet zit jij deze zomer heerlijk te genieten in Italië! Presents: How to Maintain Your Privacy When Buying Cryptocurrency

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The market for crypto-currency has no signs of decline. Following the bumpy ride cryptocurrencies encountered in 2018, more and more folks are looking for personal and business purposes in the digital currency. Now that crypto currencies are all here to stay, it is time to bring matters relating to privacy and security seriously.

Maintaining Your Privacy When Buying Cryptocurrency

contradictory to belief, Cryptocurrency is not anonymous. Crypto currencies are private but not wholly anonymous. Digital currencies are by nature only cryptographically secure, so you can only achieve some degree of anonymity depending on how it is used. Below are some of the most useful tips when buying cryptocurrencies to keep privacy:

Do Not Reuse Addresses

Avoid using addresses over and over again for your crypto-currency transaction. You can instantly create a new crypto-currency address and this will boost your privacy immediately for free. Stop using a platform or wallet that doesn’t allow new address creation. With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, finding a private and secure service will not be challenging which allows you to create a unique address for each transaction.

  • Using a new address will do wonders for your privacy and protection each time you transact.
  • Use a new address whenever payment is made or received / Use different wallets for personal and business / trade purposes.

Never Use Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is practically everywhere. While using public Wi-Fi to perform cryptocurrency transactions may be tempting, avoid doing so at all costs. If you’re serious about maintaining your privacy when purchasing cryptocurrencies, you’ll never use public Wi-Fi to access your accounts. Hackers can strike through public Wi-Fi at any time so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Although you are at regular coffee shop with free Wi-Fi, do not risk your account by connecting to the Internet in public places.
  • Do not lend other people your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Do Not Keep Your Codes and Keys Online

It may seem old-fashioned, but it’s easier to save your keys and codes offline in a secure place, rather than online storage. Passwords, codes and other essential data are usually stored on our laptop or smartphone. Hiding sensitive information in a folder called “movies” does not guarantee security because hackers are brilliant in the search for electronic data.

  • Encrypting an online folder does not keep your details from a particular hacker secure.
  • Invest in a strongbox or use a bank vault to safely store codes and key physical notes.


Preserving your cryptocurrencies is really the easiest way to make the most out of your investment in the digital currency. Hackers are always waiting for an attack at the right moment. But when you purchase cryptocurrency you can protect your privacy with a lot of common sense and the right tools.

Our main goal on is to inform people about the cryptocurrency. Information on Exchanges, Coins, and Trading are also available at