Dit moet je weten als je parket gaat leggen

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Wanneer je parket gaat leggen moet je er vooral op letten dat je de juiste ondergrond gebruikt. Je kunt het beste een betonnen of een houten ondergrond gebruiken.


Laat het parket voordat je het gaat leggen eerst acclimatiseren. Dit moet minimaal 48 uur van te voren voordat je het gaat leggen. Deze ruimte mag niet te vochtig zijn (dus moet er niet net betegeld of gestuct zijn). Meet ook door middel van een hygrometer de luchtvochtigheid.

Deze is goed als het tussen de 50 en de 70% in zit. Je kunt als de luchtvochtigheid te laag is een bakje met water op de verwarming zetten. Je kunt als je parket gaat leggen verschillende pakken en tinten met elkaar combineren. Als je het mengt kun je namelijk een mooi geheel krijgen.

Wanneer je een ruimte hebt die langer of breder is dan 4 meter dan kun je beter een uitzet voeg gebruiken. Hierover kun je je laten voorlichten bij de verkoper van de parketvloer. Een parketvloer kan verder vast of zwevend gelegd worden. Als je een parket zwevend legt dan ligt de parketvloer los van de ondergrond op de ondervloer.

Wanneer je een parketvloer vast legt wordt de vloer direct verlijmd met de ondergrond.

Parket zwevend leggen

Als je parket zwevend legt, begin dan met een reiniging van de ondervloer. Plaats damp werende folie en leg een geluidsisolerende ondervloer. Deze mag niet overlappen met de rest. Als je dit wel doet blijft de vloer niet meer egaal.

Maak voor de verlijming van de vloerdelen gebruik van speciale lijm die ervoor zorgt dat alles flexibel blijft zitten. Lijm breng je altijd aan in de groef en verwijder de lijmresten direct na het in elkaar drukken van de vloerdelen.

Parket vast leggen

Als je parket vast legt moet je ook goed instructies van de lijm opvolgen. Vergeet ook niet de uitzettingsvoeg te lijmen. Het beste kun je een lijmkam gebruiken waarmee je gelijkmatig aan de onderzijde van de delen lijmt op de spaanplaten. Breng geen lijm aan in de groef en op de messing.


How Underfloor Heating Can Help You Save the Environment and Your Money

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What is underfloor heating?

First of all, you need to know that underfloor heating has become a popular option of renewable energy installations in Scotland. We, at Incognito Heat Co, couldn’t be prouder to provide underfloor heating in Aberdeen and Dundee.

This heating generation technique uses two alternatives to generate energy. It can either use electric coils or pump warm water through pipes usually placed under the floor.

These are referred to as the dry and wet system respectively.

The layout of underfloor heating pipes by a professional either into your current or new house is essential. This is by no means a task you should undertake on your own.

You need professionals to analyse your flooring and develop a comfortable design that will provide your home with radiant warmth after installation.

Underfloor heating applies the principle of ‘rising heat’.  Heated water is channeled through the heating pipes laid in the entire room.

So, How Can Underfloor Heating Help You Save the Environment and You Money?

They operate at a temperature of 40-45 degrees compared to the high range of 70-80 degrees with radiators. As a result, heat is distributed evenly into the room.

Constant and even distribution of heat in a home gives it a higher performance compared to other conventional energy generating methods. Better yet, you will not experience any cold spots in your space.

The Role of Underfloor Heating in Saving the Environment and Your Money

The number of households and commercial spaces using underfloor heating has increased over the years. This is mainly attributed to its benefits as well as to its cost-effectiveness.

Considering opting for underfloor heating in Aberdeen or underfloor heating in Dundee? Check out some of the benefits of this system that will help you make the decision:

Even Distribution of Heat

The pipes are evenly placed under the floor to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed to all the corners of your house. This way, you do not have to stress over varying temperatures in different spots. The thermostats also make it easy to control the heat level for your comfort.

Underfloor heating is more efficient in energy saving than radiators. The latter often heat the air above them directly. The heat is then quickly dispersed from your intended area. Radiators end up generating heat that does not last and, consequently, a lot of energy is lost without heating the entire space.

At Incognito Heat Co we always make sure that the underfloor heating pumps are installed vertically. This allows direct distribution of heat from the floor because warm air always rises. On the other hand, warm air in radiators sits vertically in the room – this is why it’s always colder at floor level.

Energy Efficient Properties

Underfloor heating pumps do not require extremely hot water like radiators for efficient heat generation. The water has to be boiled at a high temperature of 65-75 degrees for the user to feel the heat effects.

Contrarily, the pipes under the floor are evenly distributed to work efficiently without requiring excessive hot water. Underfloor heating pumps only require water to be heated at a temperature of 29 degrees for efficient functioning. It is important to note that floor finishing will influence the temperature required to distribute the heat.

The wet underfloor system is recommended for a well-insulated building. Proper insulation maintains a continuous heat generation even at low temperatures. It is advisable to place the underfloor heating pipes in the main room and the small heaters in other rooms for efficiency.

We tend to use some rooms more than others, so we need to keep this in mind when planning a heating system. This is the main reason why commercial buildings occupants get to enjoy a higher effectiveness compared to the users of smaller building. The large space of occupied continuously, so such buildings can either use the wet or the dry heating system.

No Maintenance Cost Incurred

When you opt for underfloor heating in Aberdeen or underfloor heating in Dundee installed by us, we guarantee proper installation and comfortable designs that are maintenance-free. We provide a lifetime guarantee of excellent conditions after installation.

There is either a programmable or an automatic smart Wi-Fi thermostat to regulate the amount of heat. You also get to decide when to switch it on or off. The warm-up controllers are efficient, thus significantly reducing your utility bills.

Financial Benefits

Home or commercial properties with underfloor heating always get a higher resale value. You can resell your house at a higher price than intended by installing an underfloor heating system.


You do not have to worry about changing your floors for compatibility purposes. Our underfloor heating systems are compatible with all flooring types such as tile, wood, stone, laminate, or carpet.

You can opt to use the current floor and wall space or change it. There’s a broad range of flooring designs that will work with this system. You get to choose your preferred stylish design and keep warm at an affordable rate.

Dust-Free and Healthy Environment

Underfloor heating is the perfect option for people with allergies. This system does not promote air circulation, which can disperse dust all around your living spaces.

Underfloor heating mainly focuses on distributing even and direct heat from the floor. Unlike radiators, which circulate hot air in a room to try and get the heat to all the spots, underfloor heating pumps offer uniform heat and a cleaner environment.

Fresh and Oxygen-Rich Air

The radiant heat generated from underfloor heat pipes improves and maintains air quality in your home. It does not use a thermal circulation system that causes warm air to rise. The circulation affects the quality of air and oxygen levels because of the floating dust particles.

If you choose to install an underfloor heating system, you can forget about all these issues.


Some of the traditional power and heat generating systems are out in the open. These pose an unforeseen danger to your children who can trip over them. On the other hand, the heat pipes are placed under the floor, safely tucked. You do not have to worry all the time or incur expenses resulting from accidents.


Underfloor heating is not only convenient and cost-effective, but also eco-friendly. It is also a worthwhile investment with a lifetime guarantee. The right installer shouldn’t only offer you a wide array of flooring designs, but also guarantee proper installation. Reach out to us for a sustainable and comfortable heating solution in Aberdeen or Dundee that is good for the environment and for your finances




Choose gate valve suppliers who aim to build relationships

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If you need gate valves, you ask one of the best gate valve suppliers of the world. Red Point, from the Netherlands, finds it important to treat customers well and to build relationships with them. Especially for the petrochemical industry, it is good to benefit from trustworthy suppliers. This way, you have certainty if you need a new, high-quality valve made. But, because Red Point makes all kinds of valves, you can also order ball, check, gate, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves made to your conditions. Whatever type you order, Red Point ensures that all materials are from Europe and used in the best way possible.

Discover the uses of the gate valve, delivered fast by experienced suppliers

Ask one of the best suppliers to design, engineer and deliver a gate valve, also known as a sluice valve. It is mostly used in the petroleum industry. A gate valve can come in many shapes and sizes and is operated by turning the large wheel that is mounted on the valve itself. At Red Point, a European manufacturer based in the Netherlands, many types of valves can be ordered. Let them know what you need. One of their specialties is the gate valve, but also ball, check, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves are manufactured by world-class suppliers.

Enjoy benefits like Fast Track delivery and quality assurance when you order at gate valve suppliers

There are several advantages of ordering gate valves at one of the best suppliers. First of all, you receive an ISO 9001 certification. Second, you benefit from a Fast Track delivery and tailor-made design qualities. Whether you are ordering a gate valve at one of the well-known suppliers or ball, check, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves, every customer is highly-valued by Red Point. Also, all materials are from European sources, guaranteed. This is all part of Red Point’s extensive quality assurance. Once you have ordered, you realise straightaway that this company knows what they are doing and that your product reaches you soon.

Conscious living

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A conscious way of living is becoming a goal of the people that are living in this day and age. That is the reason why there are so much alternatives for the home which are invented to live in a conscious and green way. The number of alternatives are increasing and there is something for everyone and each household. If you apply some small tweaks or change a couple of small everyday actions, you can already make a huge impact on the environment. You could change some simple everyday things like what you eat in a day or how you deal with water and gas usage. A popular example of this is letting the water run out of the tap when you are brushing your teeth. This is not necessary at all, but a lot of us are still doing this. The big disadvantage of this is that you are using a lot of water without actually using it and therefore turning it into waste right away. One could also adjust their diet, for example by cutting out meat. If you skip eating beef for one day you save a month worth of shower water! Is that not unbelievable. Additionally, cutting out meat has positive effects on animals which is by itself already a good reason to eat less meat or stop eating meat at all. Many people are becoming vegan, which means you do not eat meat or dairy products like milk and eggs.

An easy way of turning your way of living into a more conscious and green process is by purchasing a water pump. How does a water pump work? A water pump brings water to the surface. There are many different water pumps available on the market such as irrigation pumps and even circulation pumps but there are also submersible pumps.



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Alles wat je moet weten over wimperextensions

Grote kans dat je weleens vrouwen in de supermarkt of sportschool tegenkomt van wie de lange en fluffy wimpers niet uit een mascara-tube komen. Tegenwoordig zijn wimperextensions namelijk niet slechts weggelegd voor beroemdheden als Kim Kardashian, maar zijn ook binnen handbereik voor vrouwen die je gewoon op straat tegenkomt. Dit is natuurlijk goed nieuws, want dit betekent dat ook jij zulke prachtige lange wimpers zou kunnen krijgen dankzij extensions! Zou jij graag wat meer informatie willen over deze beauty-trick? In dit artikel lees je alles wat je moet weten over wimperextensions! 

Het doet geen pijn en het beschadigt je eigen wimpers niet

Wimperextensions one by one worden, zoals de naam al zegt, extension voor extension aan jouw natuurlijke wimperhaartjes bevestigd. Elke extension bestaat uit 1 nep-haartje. Doordat ze aan je eigen wimperhaartjes bevestigd worden, zullen de extensions op een natuurlijke manier uitvallen (op het moment dat je eigen wimpers uitvallen). Je kunt er natuurlijk ook voor kiezen om ze voortijdig professioneel te laten verwijderen bij je wimperstyliste. Er wordt dus niks van je eigen wimpers geknipt, beschadigd, verwijderd of wat dan ook. Wimperextensions one by one zijn dus volledig pijnloos en veilig. 

Je zult minder make-up hoeven dragen

De extensions zorgen ervoor dat je weinig tot geen make-up meer nodig zal hebben. Mascara is overbodig en vaak hoef je ook geen oogpotlood meer te gebruiken, want de wimper-aanzet zal vanzelf donkerder omdat de extensions ervoor zorgen dat je daar meer dichtheid hebt. Wil je toch een beetje make-up gebruiken? Dat kan natuurlijk ook. Zorg er dan wel voor dat je olie-vrije make-up en make-up remover gebruikt. De extensions vinden olie namelijk niet fijn, want daarvan worden ze lelijk en het is slecht voor de wimperlijm. 

Ga alleen bij een gecertificeerde wimperstyliste langs

Het zetten van extensions kan in principe iedereen. Er zijn goedkope setjes te koop op Ali Express waarmee je zelf aan de slag zou kunnen. Dit wordt echter ten zeerste afgeraden! Je ogen zijn heel gevoelig en daarom verdienen zij de beste zorg. Je weet bijvoorbeeld helemaal niet of de wimperlijm nou veilig is volgens Europese wetgeving en bovendien vereist het zetten van extensions bij je wimpers een bepaalde techniek. Gecertificeerde wimperstylisten hebben namelijk speciale training gevolgd en gebruiken alleen producten die veilig voor jouw ogen zijn. Let dus altijd op of je je wimperextensions one by one bij iemand laat zetten die hier de juiste ervaring mee heeft! Je wil immers niet blind gemaakt worden toch?



Goede autorijschool Utrecht

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Good Autorijschool Utrecht

Get your licence quickly, without much hassle and annoying distractions? Driving autorijschool Utrecht  wanted? We are the cheapest and the best driving autorijschool in Utrecht. Many students are already happy went home, of course with their driver’s license in your pocket. Driving rijschool in Utrecht, the riding school with business sense! Driving rijschool Utrecht Vlam, the cheapest driving school in region Utrecht when it comes to experience goes on the road, you have a good driving rijschool in Utrecht. Our instructors have a wealth of experience, which transfer them on the students who joined us-riding lessons. So they for that you are safe on the road will be gone and that you know where you stand if you only once on the road. Various packages at autorijschool in Utrecht it is possible to complete packages to take off, this way you are always cheaper than when you decide to loose to take driving lessons.

The best known automobile driving autorijschool Utrecht

In the packages is also always a practice exam included, which you do so itself no more to pay. See for yourself be fine which package there for you, and how much time you want to put there a week in, this can differ per person. Find a good driving autorijschool in Utrecht is not always easy because there are in fact many providers. It’s good to see what the benefits are at the driving school where you go lessons. The things you need to ask yourself, you will be picked up and brought? And what is the cost per lesson? And what is the advantage in the curriculum? Automobile driving schools often offer free no obligation trial lessons you can see if the lessons you too like it. It is also important that you are a good driver is that traffic can safe on the road. The success rate do not have anything to be mean because one pupil can learn faster than the other. And sometimes want to leave quickly for their students to prove that they can drive, then let the driving rijschool Vlam to their exam. And also lower the success rate of the riding school. Free trial driving lesson driving school offers driving lessons driving rijschool Vlam Flame in Utrecht in Utrecht and the surrounding area.

This driving rijschool teaches in latest modern lesauto. The safety of the students is high. The instructor who will give your les is experienced and patient. Where driving school also many benefits of 10% student discount up to driving test and exam at teaching packages. Already many people are through driving school Flame managed which we one of the best known automobile driving schools of Utrecht are to nominate. Take a free, no-obligation trial class with us and be convinced of the best and cheapest driving autorijschool Utrecht.

Contact us via the site www.rijschoolvlam.nl or call 06 13568060


6 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Office Furniture in Glasgow

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Moving to a new office space? Redecorating your current office? If you’re in either of these two situations, you will need to find the right office furniture.

Since we all know that the days when a simple chair and a desk were good enough are gone (thankfully!), you will need to put a bit more effort into furnishing your Glasgow office.

But don’t worry – you are not alone! Our experts are here to help you with practical tips on how to choose the perfect office furniture without spending a fortune on it.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. Measure Your Office

We all know big desks show that their owners are powerful C-level execs and decision-makers. But you know what can ruin that image in a split second? Having a huge, gorgeous mahogany desk that barely fits the room it’s in.

Comfort and style are the primary considerations to keep in mind. However, in order to get them both, you need to know what you are working with.

Make sure you take the right measurements so you can fit in your new office furniture. Buy furniture items that are too big or too small for the space and your office will end up looking crammed or like a kindergarten.

Since I’m pretty sure you’re not too fond of either of these options, measure the space carefully before you decide on a single chair or decoration.

  1. Keep Functionality in Mind

When you choose office furniture in Glasgow, remember its primary purpose: to support your employees when they are working on their tasks.

Look for ergonomic furniture that allows your staff to sit or stand comfortably. Chairs in weird shapes make look cool, but be sure they are also comfortable. You don’t want your staff to get back problems and hate your new office furniture.

Ideally, you should consult with them before making a decision. Ask if anyone suffers from chronic back pain. Ask if they prefer a standing or sitting desk. And, why not, ask them if they have favourite colours they would like to see in the office.

If you are not sure that you can choose comfortable and functional furniture on your own, without sacrificing aesthetics, you can always speak to an interior design consultant and ask for recommendations.

  1. Choose the Right Style of Furniture

Colourful and uncommon office designs are all the rave now. But keep in mind the industry that you are in and the brand you represent. Thinking outside the box is great, but you don’t want your law firm’s office to look like something a 10-year old put together, do you?

Choosing vibrant colours doesn’t mean your office isn’t elegant. But you have to know how to combine them and how to balance them out with neutral tones.

For instance, you may think the Google offices are cool (who doesn’t?), but if your employees prefer having their own office to co-working, then that style is not right for you. You will just end up wasting space and paying a huge rent for an office that is too big for your needs.

  1. Pick the Right Chairs

Chairs are undoubtedly the most important furniture element in your office. You and your staff spend most of the day in them.

They have to be comfortable AND stylish. And, of course, match the style of the rest of your furniture and, if possible, complement your brand guidelines. Quite a tall order, right?

So take your time choosing the right office chairs in Glasgow. You don’t want to end up regretting this choice! It’s not cheap to throw them away and get new ones.

For example, at McKellar, we encourage all our clients who buy furniture for their Glasgow offices to test the chairs and desks first. You don’t have to get the whole staff to do this. One or two company employees can test a few chairs and see which of them feels better.

The best way to make sure that your investment in office furniture is future-proof is not to rush the decision. Explore your options carefully, even if you have to use rented furniture for a while.

  1. Consider the Costs

Stylish office furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You don’t need to use designer furniture throughout the office if you don’t have the budget for it.

A few key pieces that stand out will help you save a lot of money that you can invest in more affordable, but functional furniture.

Again, if you’re not sure on how to go about this, you will find that it’s both faster and cheaper to speak to a consultant. They can help you find key pieces and even save your budget. Most office designers have been working with selected furniture manufacturers for years, so they can easily get better prices than you could on your own.

  1. Don’t Forget about Storage Space

Picking office furniture for your Glasgow office means more than comfy chairs and pretty desks. You also have to think about the less glamorous, but equally important items like storage furniture.

Filing cabinets, bookcases and closets are just a few of the options you have. Of course, your choice depends on your office’s needs.

In the cloud computing era, most of your data will be stored on hard drives. Still, every office has a few papers that need to be safely stored. Plus, adequate storage spaces help you keep your office clean and uncluttered.

Choosing furniture for your office in Glasgow can be easier than you thought if you start with one thing first – your needs. Sure, design trends and appearances are important, but not as important as your staff’s comfort.



Holidaying in the Netherlands? In Amsterdam, pay a visit to the Rembrandt House Museum!

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A bulk of tourists who come to visit the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, don’t do so for culture, architecture and history. That’s a shame, because there is so much to see and learn about Dutch culture and what life used to be like in the Netherlands. Take Dutch painters for instance, who are renowned for their amazing work worldwide. Rembrandt van Rijn was one of the most important painters in the 17th century and a well-known citizen of the Dutch capital. In a former house of the painter a museum is now located. A visit will change the way you look at Amsterdam! Get your tickets at Tours & Tickets, they have 30 years of experience in organizing tours in the Netherlands and Belgium and are situated in the heart of Amsterdam. c.

The Rembrandt House in Amsterdam is a top attraction, this company helps you to tickets

How did Rembrandt van Rijn spend his days in 17th century Amsterdam? See how he lived in his old house! What did he paint when he was there? Tours & Tickets would love to invite you to this fantastic activity. In one of the master’s old homes in Amsterdam, the staff of the Rembrandt House Museum take you back to the way Rembrandt lived and show you belongings that he left behind. Would you like to go? Book your tickets today. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry Tours & Tickets is the place to go to for attractions and day tours around the Netherlands.

Do not skip the Rembrandt House Museum when coming to Amsterdam! Get your tickets now!

Tours & Tickets is the best place to go for tickets and day tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. With 30 years in the business under their belt, they know what to visit. They are located in the bustling city centre of the Dutch capital and are always glad to help. In Amsterdam, many tourists walk past buildings that have an incredible history. The Rembrandt House Museum is a museum which houses drawings and etches of the master himself built next to one of his old houses in Amsterdam. A visit to this amazing attraction will show you the Amsterdam of the 17th century and how people, including Rembrandt, lived their lives.

Proper lifeboat service for safe use of most freefall systems

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A freefall system enables fast deployment of rescue- and lifeboat vessels. Proper lifeboat service prevents accidents during the launch. Besides holding the boat in place, this system is also used for quickly deploying the lifeboat in case of an emergency. Naturally, it would be catastrophic if this system jams or refuses to operate in any other way. That is why Euro Offshore BV takes care of lifeboats, as well as all additional systems. Is a lifeboat not suitable for your applications? Check out the possibilities for having your own custom RIB boats built by these Dutch specialists!

Lifeboat service by a company dedicated to maintaining the highest standards

Repair, maintenance and lifeboat service are to be taken very seriously. Therefore, you choose a company that maintains the highest standards. In the Netherlands you will find Euro Offshore BV, a specialist with decades of experience in designing, building and maintaining seaworthy support vessels. These experts understand the vital importance of a well-built vessel, because lives may very well depend on it someday. It is because of this high regard for safety and quality that RIB- and lifeboats by Euro Offshore BV are considered to be among the safest boats in their class.

Custom RIB boats; a unique composition that delivers results!

Each custom RIB boat by Euro Offshore BV is made from first class materials. Materials at stiffness to the hull, improve buoyancy and decrease weight. Due to the unique composition of a rigid hull and inflatable collar, these boats are very sturdy, making them seaworthy vessels, and are still light enough to be deployed quickly. Because the boats are inflatable, buoyancy is guaranteed even under the toughest of conditions. No wonder that these boats are in active duty in nearly all international waters around the world. Besides custom RIB boats, Euro Offshore BV offers lifeboat service, thus helping you to properly maintain your fleet.

Receive complete service from an experienced company in the Netherlands when filling out US tax retu

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It can be quite a challenge to fill out a tax return in the right way. Taxes are often a difficult matter, let alone how complicated for a US expat living in the Netherlands. As a US expat in the Netherlands, filling out a proper tax return may be a difficult matter. Especially if you are not familiar with Dutch tax brackets. Are you currently working as an American for a Dutch company in the Netherlands? You will find full service at Witlox International Tax Advice . What exactly is ‘full service’? You will receive accurate assistance with all social and economic matters that might be applicable to your situation. Besides US tax returns in the Netherlands, Witlox helps you to find your way in requiring the correct work permit, provides information about school enrolments, visa, and much more!

How to apply for US tax returns in the Netherlands

Have you already noticed some of differences between living in the Netherlands and living in the US? Sometimes it can be fun to discover some differences, but it can be difficult as well. Income taxes for instance, are very different in the Netherlands. Did you know that even though you are neither living nor working in the USA, you are still required to file tax returns. And did you know that you can also apply for US tax returns when working as an expat in the Netherlands? Well, you can! Because this can be quite complicated, Witlox International Tax Advice helps you to fill out the tax return properly.

US tax returns as a foreign employee working in the Netherlands

Obviously working in a country like the Netherlands is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you do not want to miss. The modern cities, the people and the great location are the perfect circumstances for the best time of your life. Except the tax returns, of course. The Netherlands are, among other things, known for high taxes, especially for higher incomes. Does this mean that you will be losing money as an American? Not exactly. As a US citizen you are still obliged to fill out your tax returns for the American government, even though you are neither working nor living stateside. You need some experienced support! Find widespread experience at Witlox International Tax Advice. This company is more than willing to help you with US tax returns in the Netherlands. Contact them today and inquire about the possibilities.