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Ways to Increase Online Store Traffic without PPC Ads

The e-commerce industry is growing. The digital space has made e-commerce sites a significant sector in the online world. Thanks to website builders like Shopify and Shoplazza, there are about 12–24 million e-commerce sites worldwide nowadays. Several e-commerce businesses use innovation and technology to create a good customer experience, and ultimately boost website traffic and sales.

Digital transformation has come up with new strategies for smooth business operations. Modern approaches have replaced traditional strategies for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. One such technique is advertising.

Advertising comes with several advantages, but it has proven to show disadvantages in the long run. Ads can provide immediate visibility, but it might affect the sales once the ad campaign stops. Paid ads also come with a vast expense. It is not affordable for every e-commerce store. 

Are you ready to leverage your e-commerce store without spending even a penny? Read on further to understand several ways to organically boost website traffic to the e-commerce store! 


E-commerce Site Optimization

SEO is a big game-changer. Search engine optimization plays a big role in bringing organic traffic to e-commerce sites. It also enables you to position your business in the top results of search engines.

When people search for products, your website will be shown on the first page of the search results. To achieve this, conduct thorough research about the keywords while focusing on the products available on your website. Now you can optimize your product description and headlines accordingly.

Make sure you understand your competitor’s keyword strategy. This will give a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


Focus On The Details Product Page & Upselling

Your product page should have meta content, a good description, videos, and images. The FAQ is also a very integral part that should not be missed. Focus on writing blogs that are dedicated to your e-commerce store.

Upselling is another valuable factor in boosting e-commerce business. It encourages customers to purchase a premium product and discover additional products that make their purchase more worthwhile. Upselling will help you to enhance website traffic and sales metrics. 


Set Up A Blog Dedicated To Your Website Products

Blogging is an organic way to boost website traffic. It also helps to form brand recognition. Creating content never goes wrong. This will provide information to the audience about your website and the products. It also stimulates interest in the products in the audience’s mind and improves sales.

Working on creating content that sparks interest in your products will help amplify your brand’s popularity. Focus on creating posts about industry trends, tutorials, new product updates, and gifting guides that look interesting and informative. This will also increase the site visits, apart from improving sales.


Newsletter Subscription

Make your customers subscribe to the newsletter after they visit your site. Likewise, you will be able to update them about the recent sale and the launch of new products. They will be reminded of your brand regularly through newsletters. 


Plan Giveaways

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Giveaways are a great way to attract an audience and drive traffic to your site. The conversion rate for adopting this technique is much higher than for other types of content. That’s why e-commerce businesses tend to follow contests and giveaways as an interactive marketing strategy.

After a successful giveaway, ask your audience to stay updated about the next giveaway round. This will ensure that they remain hooked to your site.



E-commerce sites have made the shopping experience very easy. Apart from the sellers, customers have also become smart enough to understand the difference between paid and organic ads. They prefer to choose organic listings.

Referral programs and email marketing are also a few result-proven steps that every e-commerce industry must follow. The referral incentive works as a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool and is an excellent way to attract the audience. Follow the steps mentioned above to implement the ways to increase online store traffic without PPC ads.


(Contributed by Sunita Negi & Hermes Fang)