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Tiny House Insulation

Tiny house insulation is extremely important. The better your tiny house is insulated, the less energy you need to use.

Insulation material can consist of different materials. You have both natural and artificial products to choose from, depending on what you find better suits your tiny house. Of course, it is important that just like your tiny house, the insulation material is also durable, so environmentally friendly.

When insulating a house, the Rc value plays an important role. Of course, this also applies to tiny houses. The ‘R’ in ‘Rc’ stands for ‘resistance’ and the ‘c’ stands for ‘construction’. Here it concerns complete construction pieces, for example floor, roof or cavity wall. Other words for Rc value is heat resistance or insulation value. 

Roof insulation for your tiny house

If you isolate your roof, you can save a lot on your energy costs. An insulated roof can keep your house warmer in winter and can also keep the heat out in summer, so your house stays nice and cool in summer. So choose a roof insulation with a high insulation value to invest in and save a lot of money.

It is important that moisture can escape from your roof and not get stuck in the insulation material, otherwise the wood will rot. In addition to the vapour tight foil on the outside, it is also important to use climate protection foil on the inside.

Is your roof already insulated? You can always check if there is something to improve.