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As we begin a new year, it’s about time to upgrade our gear and equipment to prep ourselves for the new challenges and opportunities that await us. So, whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or a professional in the industry, having the right bags and cases can make all the difference in transportation, storage and protection of your equipment. So, in this blog post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at some of the best bags and case options available to enhance your setup for 2023.

1. Backpacks

First up, backpacks! These are ideal for anyone who is constantly on-the-go and needs to carry their equipment with them. One of our top picks is the Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW III. It features a rugged design that can withstand harsh weather conditions and absorbs impacts from any accidental drops or bumps. The bag has adjustable dividers that can be customized to accommodate different equipment sizes, including laptops, camera bodies and lenses. The Fastpack also includes multiple pockets and compartments, ergonomic shoulder straps and has a built-in all-weather cover that keeps your equipment safe from any rain or snow.

2. Messenger Bags

If you’re looking for a more stylish and minimalistic option, messenger bags are definitely worth considering. The Peak Design Everyday Messenger is a great choice for carrying a small number of items, such as a camera, tablet, and some accessories. It is made from durable waterproof material and includes adjustable dividers that work for a range of different sized cameras and lenses. Additionally, the bag is easy to access and has plenty of pockets available for any extra gear or small items you may need to carry. You can use it as your everyday bag as well.

3. Rolling Cases

For those who have a larger amount of equipment that need to be transported frequently, rolling cases are the right choice. The Pelican 1510 is one of the best rolling cases available in the market. It is designed to take abuse with its hard shell exterior and is watertight, crushproof, and dustproof. You can organize your equipment in the case using pick-and-pluck foam that can be customized to fit various equipment shapes and sizes. Additionally, the Pelican 1510 includes large wheels and a retractable handle, making it easy to move around airports, small spaces, and rough terrain.

4. Hardshell Cases

Another option for extra protection of delicate equipment is a hardshell case. One such case that we recommend is the NANUK 935 hard case. It is made from indestructible polypropylene and features a waterproof and dustproof seal, and a double-throw latch system. Additionally, the NANUK 935 case is designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -29-degrees to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. The case has customizable foam inserts to protect your equipment from bumps and scratches during transport.

5. Sleeves and Pouches

If you’re looking to keep your equipment safe when not in use and not carrying around a lot of gear, sleeves and pouches are the perfect solution. The AmazonBasics Camera Sleeve is made from high-quality neoprene material that protects against bumps and scratches. It’s available in different sizes and can fit most of the cameras and lenses available in the market. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, and you can easily pack it into your backpack or messenger bag.