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Spend a holiday on your Stand Up Paddle Board

Have you had it a bit with the same summer holiday time and time again?
Every time again in an all inclusive hotel where everything is already ready for you, every day the same, at most
Do you want to go shopping once or go back to a tourist attraction that is already full of tourists?

Go on holiday with your inflatable paddle board! Choose a destination near a sea, lake or
ocean and go on an adventure every day to experience something new. You paddle on the water, work on your shape and
condition and discovers pieces that you normally would never end up in because they are not in the normal condition.
hiking trails or can only be reached by water.

An inflatable Stand Up Paddle board is ideal for such a holiday. The board can be taken in the plane,
easy to carry to the beach and to pump up within 5 to 10 minutes. So you have a work out before you start,
or you take an electric pump with you and you can get even faster into the water.

The drop-stitch technology of an inflatable SUP board from brands such as Aqua Marina, ZRAY, Red Paddle or MOAI.
The board feels rock-hard due to the thousands of polyester threads. The board, if properly maintained and used, will certainly not be easy to use.
It is also much cheaper to buy than the hardboards that are available.

There are different types of SUP boards for different disciplines, such as windsurf SUP boards, yoga SUP boards, SUP boards for fishing, racing or just for touring. The most common Stand UP Paddle boards are the all around boards, which are suitable for multiple different aspects. These are also most recommended for the recreational beginner. Most inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards come with a complete starter kit containing a pump, paddle and often more useful accessories.

Experience a completely new and different holiday on a Stand Up Paddle board and enjoy nature and freedom and make your boring holiday a sportive holiday!