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Is your Local Plumber Insured?

There are several reasons to ensure that your local plumber is insured. You do not want to hire an uninsured plumber, as they can flood your home. You should also check for Liability and Workers’ compensation insurance. If you are not sure how to look for these things, read this article. Listed below are some of the most common insurance policies for plumbers. Read on to learn why you should always look for an insured plumber like Rodgers Plumbing in Dalllas.

Uninsured plumbers can flood your home

The last thing you want is a plumbing company with no insurance to repair your flooded home. This can leave a hole in your wallet, and the repair costs could be too high to make it worthwhile. In addition to plumbing liability insurance, plumbing companies may also carry workers compensation insurance, which covers medical costs and lost wages. Always ask for proof of insurance before hiring a plumber, as uninsured plumbing companies may try to reassure you that they are not liable for any damages.

Liability insurance

Plumbing contractors should carry commercial general liability insurance to protect themselves against lawsuits and financial hardships. For example, plumbers might be legally responsible if they cause water damage to a customer’s kitchen. Typically, a plumber uses a work truck and van to transport tools and materials to and from jobsites. Commercial auto insurance protects the plumber from liability and can pay for repairs to damaged vehicles. Additionally, plumbers often have expensive equipment that they use for their jobs. Purchasing contractors equipment insurance will protect the business from costly repairs and replacement costs due to auto accidents and damage at the job site.

Worker’s compensation insurance

Plumbing contractors should carry workers compensation insurance in case a client gets hurt on the job. This insurance covers medical expenses and legal fees. Plumbers should also carry commercial auto insurance to protect their vehicles from accidents. Personal auto insurance policies may deny claims if the plumber advertises their services with a van. A plumber should also consider purchasing a separate policy for his or her personal vehicles. Workers compensation insurance for your local plumber should be an important consideration for any business owner.


A licensed plumber is required by law to work within the state. The license proves that the plumber is a licensed professional and has completed all necessary training. You should contact the city licensing agency to find out the requirements for obtaining a license. The state of New York requires a master plumber license before you can hire a licensed plumber to work in your city. The city will also require you to obtain a permit for your plumbing work in order to ensure that it meets the requirements of the International Plumbing Code and that it will not cause any structural damage.

Online reviews

It can be hard to get customers to give online reviews of your local plumber, especially if you don’t know how to find them. The next best thing to do is email customers with a review link, but this option often ends up in spam folders. Additionally, customers may be too busy to respond to the email when it reaches their inbox. Fortunately, there are services like GatherUp that can help you collect reviews from customers in a systematic way. For as little as $99 for up to 3,500 reviews, this service can automate the collection process and help you get more reviews.

24-hour emergency service

When plumbing emergencies happen, you need a plumber fast. Fortunately, many local plumbers offer 24-hour emergency service. Many have an answering service that you can call with any questions. A 24-hour plumber will be able to give you an estimate of the costs of repairs and mitigations. Although not every emergency can be mitigated, you can take preventative measures such as turning off the water valve before calling for help. This will prevent flooding or a burst pipe from spreading.