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How To Promote Your Products As Gifts In The Holiday Season

As an eCommerce store owner on Shoplazza, most of the time, you are busy acquiring new customers and retaining the older ones. However, the holiday season demands a different strategy. The reason is that you are not just selling your products to your usual customers. These customers might not be interested in selling their products but are buying them for the person who loves them.

To maximize your sales during this time, you need to strategize how you market your products—this time, you need to showcase them as the best gift ideas.

So here’s how you can appeal to the gift giver and not the gift recipient, who is actually going to throw in the money for the product.


1. Give Importance to the Headline Language

Your headline should quickly speak to the audience who want to buy gifts for their loved ones. First of all, you should state your offer clearly, whether a discount or a free service.

You can interestingly sell your portable heater in the holiday season: “Is working at home making your partner feel cold? Enjoy up to 40% off on infrared heating systems. ”

You can easily put the sales information on your homepage if you use Shoplazza as the website builder. The critical point is that your headline should speak to the gift giver and not the recipient.


2. Gift Cards Ain’t A Bad Idea

Who doesn’t like a great holiday present, and what could be better than a gift card where you allow your loved ones to enjoy shopping on their own? It especially works when you don’t know the choices of the gift recipient.

Moreover, gift cards are a way to add new customers to your list because the gift giver would allow the gift recipient to shop, and in this way, there’s a chance that the customer browsing your website would love to buy from it again. Another great advantage of the gift card is that the recipient of the gift card often forgets to use it within the expiry limit. However, since you have already got the money for the gift card, your business stands to profit.


3. Discount Coupons for First-timers

Most gift-givers are first-timers so they will be attracted to the newcomers’ special discount facility. You can also provide free shipping or attractive additional discounts to new customers.


4. Don’t Forget Gift Combos

Gift combos or baskets are attractive options as they let the buyer save time thinking about gifting ideas. They get everything in one package along with a discount. Don’t forget to use this scheme to attract gift-giving customers to your shopping website.


5. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook has the option to show the ads to Facebook friends of anyone who has liked your page. You can expect a lot of gift-givers in this category, and hence it is the best way to promote your products there.


6. Product Recommendations & Cross-sells

It is doubtful that the gift giver will find the best product in one go. They keep on searching and settling once they find the best one for their loved ones. By including recommended products, cross-sells, and similar product segments, we can help the gift-givers find the best option. This way, they are likely to stay on the website and not switch to another.

The key to attracting the new group of customers (gift-givers) is to speak directly to them. You are not required to desert your old or typical customers. However, to achieve the goal of high sales in the holiday season, gift-givers need to be particularly focused.


(Contributed by Krati Bacharwar & Hermes Fang)