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Conference hotel in Amsterdam?

One of the most important concepts of a conference is equality. The meeting is organized to brainstorm, exchange ideas and come up with new ideas. It is important that the attendees can brainstorm with each other in an equal manner. Things are discussed here that are not normally on the agenda, so it is not common for these people to sit together. Everyone is present at the conference for a specific reason and can contribute with his / her knowledge. Where someone is in the organization is therefore not important.

A conference is not valuable if everyone has the same opinion beforehand. It is important to look at certain topics from all sides so that the right agreement can be reached through sound and well-reasoned consultation. Because a conference is usually one-off, it is very important that the location is not a disturbing factor. It must actually contribute to a good outcome.

Are you looking for an Amsterdam conference hotel that contributes to the meeting? This can sometimes be a difficult search due to the large offer. There are a number of important factors that allow a room to contribute to your meeting. Consider, for example, the accessibility of the location, if it is difficult for the guests to come to the location, the day starts with irritations. The presence of audio-visual facilities also plays a major role in ensuring that the conference runs smoothly.

A place where all these points come together in Amsterdam is with Van der Valk. Whether you come together with a large or a small group, at Hotel Amsterdam-Amstel you can go in all directions. The 11 rooms are unique, but all have luxurious audio-visual facilities to make your meeting complete. In the break-out areas you can enjoy a snack and a drink during the breaks.

For more information about renting conference rooms in the Valk hotel Amsterdam, please contact the experienced sales team at the hotel. They can tell you everything about the possibilities concerning room layouts, arrangements and other facilities. You can reach the team by telephone on the number 020 80 01 100 or send an e-mail.