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Commissioned art – how does it work?

From small figurines commissioned to large works of art made of stainless steel as an art commission

In the case of an art assignment, I would like to hear your wishes and ideas. I translate these into sketches that in turn lead to small models of copper or cardboard, I also work with a 3D design program (Blender) that can give a very good impression of the end result of the stainless steel sculpture or sculpture.


Mockup of a stainless steel commissioned art

If the models are to the client’s taste, I start by making a prototype of cardboard or wood. I prefer to make the dummy full size. As soon as the mockup is ready, I invite the client to come and see the result. Then it is mainly to see whether the size and proportions of the stainless steel sculpture to be are correct. You can also see whether the size fits the future location. I can also place the mockup outside for a good impression of how the artwork relates to the environment outside in the garden. We can immediately try out and implement any desired adjustments on site.

As soon as the prototype, after some possible adjustments, is approved by the client, I start with the execution of the art assignment in the final material (stainless steel 316, corten steel or bronze)


The execution of artwork

We start by cutting the material. That is always the first step in the final execution of a sculpture made of stainless steel 316 stainless steel, corten or bronze. Then we get to work with various metalworking techniques that are necessary to get the artwork in the desired shape. Metal is a tough and unruly material that needs to be overcome, so to speak. Welding, rolling, bending, bending, forcing and beating are some of those techniques. In terms of finish, stainless steel 316 is very well suited to give the skin of the metal an exclusive finish. We can sand the stainless steel of the sculpture finer and finer until it is super smooth and flawless. This sanding is done in different phases, whereby we use increasingly fine sandpaper. If the stainless steel has been sanded perfectly smooth with a very fine grain, we can continue this until a mirror effect is created. The stainless steel work of art shines and then literally reflects like a mirror. But we can also choose not to do this and opt for a matte finish. That can also be very chic and exclusive.

Works of art made of reflective or matt stainless steel?

Some people find art objects made of polished stainless steel very beautiful and chic, others find it too much and prefer a more subdued matte finish of the stainless steel sculpture. It remains a matter of taste. This also applies to the currently popular corten steel (rusted steel). Some find a work of art made of corten steel to be natural and organic, others associate rust with decay and find it “uncared for”.


Exclusive sculpture

In any case, a well-executed art assignment delivers an original and exclusive stainless steel work of art. on. A good sculpture made to order fascinates and intrigues constantly. It is an original addition to your home, garden or entrance.

Original stainless steel artwork with a certificate of authenticity

Each stainless steel work of art has a unique certificate of authenticity signed by the maker. The authenticity of the art image is thus confirmed by the artist. The sculptor also gives a motivation about this specific work of art and design in the certificate. The artist also gives a brief explanation of the sculpture techniques used and the way in which the work of art was created. Is the artwork part of a limited edition? Then the certificate should state the number of the stainless steel sculpture and the total number of editions.


Cost of commissioned sculptures

What does it cost to have a stainless steel work of art designed and made to order? That depends on your wishes. As a rule, I ask 1500 euros for making a new and exclusive design. If you already know quite well what you want, or have seen a statue or stainless steel sculpture that you prefer, then those costs will largely disappear.

To give you an impression of what a work of art costs, the website already lists the price for each stainless steel work of art.


Interested in a commissioned artwork?

Are you interested in commissioning a work of art or sculpture? Please feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities for your situation.

Stainless Steel Sculptor Jeroen Stok

Jeroen Stok makes stainless steel art and mainly makes art on commission. Free work is for sale through various galleries. He also makes funerary art together with family and relatives.


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