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3 ways traffic management is being automated

3 ways traffic management is being automated

Wherever we look and whatever we do, somehow technology has got something to do with it. Using your bus card to check into the bus? Technology. Taking a picture? Also, technology. Even sending snail mail has technology engrained into it. This even applies to how traffic moves along. Little by little technology is advancing even more, the main focus of it is trying to get as many activities as possible done automatically so they make our lives just a bit easier. Interested in knowing more? Below are three different ways detailing how traffic management is becoming automated.


  1. Modified parking sensors

Parking sensors in parking lots have been modified to automatically detect the number of cars, trucks, and any other vehicle in the space. This data is saved so it is able to be utilized for people looking for parking spaces to find them easily. The data can also be used for enforcing parking lot rules. 

If these modified parking sensors were to be installed in more parking lots, it can show a live view of all the spaces that are available. That information can be communicated to the drivers looking for spaces through an app or website and can cut down on the long amounts of time people spend looking for those parking spaces.

  1. Radio frequency identification (RFID) in long range

With the long range RFID system, any vehicle that enters or leaves a parking space can be automatically located. This tracking device saves the information in a central database. The data that is saved can be utilized in order to improve security, help traffic flow, and reduce congestion. Facilities like gated communities or restricted areas can greatly benefit from this system.

They way RFID technology works is with the use of tags that can be carefully secured onto a vehicle. The tags have a ID that is unique to itself and this can be picked up by a reader, which would be installed on the exits and entrances of the parking facility.

  1. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

The ANPR system scans and saves the number plate information automatically, as well as saves the date, time, and location of when the data has been read and saved. The data can be used in many different ways, safely of course. An example of the usage of the data can be to carry out parking rules and regulations or in case law enforcement needs that data it is there for their use as well.


Traffic management pioneers

Technology is constantly being used to make our lives easier by automating activities and tasks that are too troublesome to do ourselves. The examples given in this blog are just a few of the many ways that’s been done in the area of traffic management. A trusted pioneer in traffic technology is, they have many high-tech innovations that are paving the way for traffic management.