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What to do if you want to buy IPv4 addresses

Everyone knows what IP addresses are, we all have them if we use the internet. An IPv4 address is a distinctive number that belongs to a device or a computer that connects to the internet and uses it to communicate with other devices and computers that connect to the internet. It’s quite basically a signal that shows which network is which.

All of the devices that are connected to a network and use the internet will have a personal IPv4 address assigned to it. There are no IPv4 addresses that are the same as another, which is why it’s also referred to as a Unicast Address. One of the reasons people are buying IPv4 addresses is because their Unicast Address is congested. This happens when there is a lot of traffic going through your network, which influences the quality of the network. And a way to avoid this is by getting more IPv4 address space so the traffic will get distributed better to the devices. 

If you are planning on buying IPv4 addresses, here are some things you should do.

Get a good understanding of the IPv4s value

Ever since the announcement in 2019 that IPv4 addresses have depleted, the value for them in their market has skyrocketed. Each passing year it goes higher, making it almost impossible for small business to buy them in bulk. Fortunately, buying IPv4 address space isn’t the only option. Due to the rising prices, people and businesses have been opting to lease IPv4 addresses instead. However, finding a good deal when trying to buy IPv4 addresses isn’t impossible.

Find a good IP broker

Not every IP broker is qualified to be one, so you can’t go with the first person who calls themselves an IP broker. An IP broker that is definitely worth your trust is Prefix Broker. They, together with the RIPE NCC, created the infrastructure that make up the trading network of the RIPE NCC. These kinds qualifications are what you should be keeping in mind when finding an IP broker, because then you’ll know they are trust worthy.

Getting in contact with an IP broker when trying to either buy or sell IPv4 addresses can save you a great deal of trouble. IP brokers take it upon themselves to make sure you aren’t falling for some kind of scam, and that you do everything the legal way, following all the rules and regulations.