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This app allows you to easily make group music online

Do you want to play music together with your group, but are you often disturbed by latency on various apps? Then you of course want to invest in a quality application that allows you to collaborate without needing to worry about slow internet or problems in the software you use. Therefore, we recommend you download Solocontutti. This app is an audio-first software that allows you to collaborate and make group music online with up to twelve players! While you do this, you do not need to worry about lag as that has been reduced to a minimum on this app. And of course, you will only hear the highest quality version of your own audio and your band member’s sounds.

Discover various accessibility features on this app

Making music with your group online is not only about directly playing out your songs. Of course, you also want to try and practice together to discover your own sound or finetune the melodies you have carefully crafted. Therefore, Solocontutti supports various kinds of video links. With these video links, you could easily teach music lessons, for example. Adding to this, you will benefit of various accessibility features which allow every group member to work together without encountering any accessibility problems. You even benefit of a built-in metronome which can easily be synchronized. When you have finetuned your songs and melodies, get ready to press the record button!

Start making music with your group

As you can see, Solocontutti is an incredibly easy to use application with a lot of versatile functions and applications. Would you like to link electric instruments to this app as well? Download an extra plugin to easily process these sounds. This app is available on different platforms, such as iOS and Android, but also Windows and MacOS. Are you ready to make the most amazing music with your team, students, or bandmates? Install this practical app today and start making music with your group online.