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The top five pizza bases

It is a worldwide phenomenon, originally from Italy; the pizza, with one bite you are sold. But what are the best pizza bases? At Monte Pizza Crust you can choose from a variety of high quality pizzas. Monte Pizza Crust has many years of experience in the large-scale production of pizza bases and dough balls. We would like to tell you more about pizza bases.

The number five

Currently our society is eating as healthy as possible. Now there are also healthy pizza bases, this is ideal for people who are watching their calories. These people can now also enjoy a delicious pizza. The red beets pizza base is very healthy, because of the low amount of calories. This makes this pizza base healthy and delicious. 

The number four

Healthy pizza is becoming increasingly popular, as well as the pumpkin pizza base. The soft taste of the pumpkin with a crispy edge, ensures a delicious pizza taste. If you don’t eat meat, this is also an ideal solution because of all the vegetable toppings you can choose.

The number three

The cauliflower pizza base is very popular. The cauliflower pizza dough is very healthy and since the base is different it also differs in calories. The cauliflower gives it a smooth taste, allowing you to layer it with all kinds of toppings. The healthy pizza bases are produced by us, so you always have a healthy pizza base to create your favourite pizza.

Number two

Another very popular pizza base is the American pizza base. The American pizza bases are like most Americans; big, in all respects. The base is a lot softer and thicker. The American base is becoming increasingly popular. At Monte Pizza we produce the perfect American pizza base for you.

The very best pizza base

Our big favourite is the Italian base. The Italian pizza base is now known for their delicious crispy edge and is full of flavour. The authentic Italian pizza can be recognised by the crispy bottom,which you only get by using a brick oven. At Monte Pizza Crust you can now buy these delicious pizza bases and also you can purchase for catering, pizza restaurants, etc. So if you want to eat delicious high quality pizzas, buy them now at Monte Pizza Crust.