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Taking Advantages of Psychological Triggers & Improving Conversions

Want to take advantage of psychological triggers and improve your site’s conversions? Then, you must produce quality content. Quality content means your content must have value so that your target audience gets their required materials by reading it. Once you get inside your target audience’s head and know their psychology, you can utilize their psychological triggers to your business’s advantage.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to do that. You just need to follow some tricks. You have to know how the human psyche works. Once you understand their minds, guiding your customers toward your service or products will be easier. 

In this article, in the next few minutes, we’ll review five surprising psychological triggers you can take advantage of to improve your site conversions.


1. Recognize their problems and provide a solution

According to the pain-pleasure principle, avoiding pain has always been more critical than seeking pleasure. Thus, you have to be sure your marketing highlights pain areas and how you address them, because whatever your company offers its customers should be a solution to a problem.

You have to survey your customers to know why they choose to buy from you. Find out what problems you can resolve. Then, use that language in your marketing to assist individuals in finding solutions to their challenges, steering them away from suffering and toward enjoyment.


2. Tell them WHY

Do you know that, as humans, we become more receptive and more willing to make a purchase when we get to understand the purpose behind things? Giving products a reason to act will increase the customers’ possibility of making purchases.

Always try to explain why a customer should purchase your product or service. Instead of immediately pressuring individuals to buy, first explain to them why.


3. Give them some novelty & originality

This is important in taking advantage of psychological triggers and improving conversions. Apple is an excellent example, since they have successfully increased sales by keeping an element of newness and originality. Almost every year, Apple comes up with a new iPhone model. Although there is typically very little to distinguish the latest model from its predecessor, consumers eagerly await its launch.

People are fond of novelty and newness. To keep returning customers interested, you must constantly provide them with novel experiences.


4. Make it easy to buy from you

If you observe yourself, you will notice that the tendency to be lazy is very deeply ingrained into our DNA. Because of this, if there are ten distinct routes that all lead to the same place, we will always prefer the one that is the least difficult.

Consider yourself a lead and think about going through your sales funnel. Do customers find it simple to purchase from you? Customers must jump through many hoops; doing so will only irritate them. Make it clear, concise, and easy to understand so customers can easily buy products from you.


5. Show them social proof

According to a statistic, almost 83% of customers suggest their friends and relatives use the brand they follow on social media. So, it’s human nature to seek approval. When others support us in our actions or take similar steps, we find it more convenient to take those actions. The more people who have made a decision, the more likely it is that we will follow suit because we want to be sure that our choice is the right one.

You have to show prospective buyers examples of how your product has benefited people. Show endorsements and statistics on the number of customers who have already purchased from you.


Final Verdict

In this article, we have reviewed 5 surprising psychological triggers that you can easily apply in your e-commerce business to get the response of your customers to your call-to-action. If you need more help, then you may contact Shoplazza as your eCommerce partner and business builder.


(Contributed by Sohel Rana & Hermes Fang)