What Secret Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Hide?

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Crypto-currency exchanges, like most companies, are not always upfront about their operations. Many try to maintain a level of transparency to retain their appeal and credibility with their customer base, but there are certain items they don’t disclose.

We’re going to look at some of the secret problems behind the closed doors of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Fake Trading Volumes

The trading volume of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges is up for discussion, as numerous research firms reports show that there are many contradictions on the market.

We looked at internet traffic on the top 100 crypto exchanges websites and found that 75 percent of the trading volumes published by exchanges were more than double that the actual numbers. About 90 per cent of the volume of the exchanges was uncertain.

How Crypto Exchanges Manipulate Their Trading Volume

Trading volume manipulation across exchanges has also been a problem for traders and regulators alike. There are a number of actions that can be introduced to boost sales artificially, which in effect makes it look like there is a desire for a certain coin when there are no actual buyers on the market. Around 67 per cent and 95 per cent of Bitcoin’s trading volume is faked by wash trading, depending on the source.

No matter how you look at it, the trade in wash is a form of manipulation of the market. This includes one party (traders, brokers, or the exchange) only buying and selling the same commodity in order to manipulate market prices in their favour. If on a crypto exchange there are repeated transactions and sales, which looks like they were made in an automated manner and have exactly the same number, these orders are simply washing out each other.

Although traders and brokers have traditionally partnered to post fake trades, there are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges trading on their own site to improve their trading volume numbers.

There are numerous reports from late 2018 and early 2019 suggesting that this practice occurred at many exchanges.


Even though in the world of crypto exchanges there are still many unknown shady things going on, the industry is constantly evolving to uncover those who are trying to exploit or manipulate the market.

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Hard Dry Fast vs. Soft Dry Fast

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Various fasting practices are adopted by people. Some people might take the whole day without eating any kind of food, while some may choose to nourish themselves with small meals or a single meal a day. You are also likely to drink water throughout the day. Hence, when it comes to the numerous types of fasting, there is often a lot of confusion between them, especially hard, dry fast, and soft dry fast.

This article deals with these two types of fasting and the significant differences between them.

What Is a Hard Dry Fast?

A dry fast means you don’t consume any type of food or water for the duration of the fast that usually lasts from 12 to 17 hours. Dry fasts can be of two types: soft and hard. Hard dry fasters are very diligent in making sure they are not exposed to even a single drop of water. It means no brushing, bathing, and showering for the period of the dry hard fast to avoid any chances of water being swallowed and breaking the fast. Hard dry fasts are undoubtedly the strictest fasts.

What Is Soft Dry Fast?

There is much more flexibility in the soft dry fast than a hard dry fast. Though water consumption is not allowed in a soft dry fast, you can use water for other purposes like bathing, showering, brushing teeth, cleaning your face, and rinsing the mouth. Even if you swallow some small quantity of water by mistake, it will not nullify you soft dry fast.

In short, a soft dry fast is the one in which you don’t drink water but is allowed to use water for washing your face, bathing, and brushing teeth. On the other hand, hard, dry fast strictly prohibits any type of contact with water.

As a beginner faster, you should always try soft fasting because initially, you may find it very difficult to stop water consumption completely. If you decide to try a hard, dry fast as your first option, you can face some health complications in abruptly inhibiting water consumption, along with avoiding other basic hygienic practices for the period of the fast.


Some Benefits of Dry and Soft Dry Fasts

Some of the most common and significant advantages of dry fasting are:

  • Increased weight loss as fat is burned at a very high rate. Compared to a soft fast, hard fasting can make your body burn fast rapidly due to a lack of metabolic water.
  • Like other types of fasting, dry and soft fasts can increase your metabolism rate by burning fats, triggering lipolysis, and producing norepinephrine.
  •  According to a study by Neurology International, people who fasted for an entire month of Holy Ramadan, had enhanced nerve growth rate, increased serotonin levels, and better cognitive functions.

After reading about some of the many benefits of soft and dry fasting, you might be tempted to try them out. You should make a smart choice in terms of the type of fasting and make sure that fasting is suitable for your health and body conditions. You can consult some medical experts for this purpose as well. Once you have started fasting, you are likely to enjoy the process and get many benefits from it.

5 Strategies of Passive Income

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While achieving maximum financial freedom from passive income may seem like a pipe dream for many people, it can actually be a source of infinite possible income. It is an ultimate opportunity of earning money while not working in the mundane routine of 9 to 5 office hours because the possibilities and ideas of passive income are infinite.

We have summarized five strategies to help you in making passive income and enjoy its massive benefits, like more free time for friends and family and more freedom in professional and personal life.

1.    Dividend Stocks Investment

A common and one of the most successful passive income ideas is investments in stock markets like ETF or dividends stocks. For such types of investment, you must have sufficient cash in your hand initially to make invest money appropriately. Dividend investing, in particular, is hugely beneficial for the majority of the people as there are very few chances of losing your money compared to the other investments. You must spend some time, energy, and steady investment in studying the market and investing accordingly.

2.    Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the latest passive income ideas that is becoming rapidly popular. A website or a social media platform is necessary for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing includes promoting other companies, services, or products by posting their links on your platform. Whenever someone uses your affiliate link to buy products or services from other companies, you get paid a handsome amount of money, depending on the contract you have signed.

3.    Advertising

Displaying ads on your website, social media accounts, YouTube channel, and blogs can be a source of good passive income. In recent times, monetization policies of various platforms have become stricter, but it is achievable through constant effort and high-quality content.

4.    Cost-per-click Ads

CPC ads are another type of advertising. It means that you include the links of the ads on your website, and whenever users click that link, you get paid immediately. It is different from the affiliate marketing as it pays the money quickly and is not dependent on the fact that what the user will do after clicking and opening the CPC ad. You should add CPC ads on your platforms and make efforts to drive organic traffic so that the chances of the ads being clicked increases.

5.    Selling Courses

Online education, diplomas, and courses have become immensely popular in recent times. The importance of online courses is at its peak due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown situation around the world. In such severe scenarios, many people have turned to the internet to learn new skills through online courses. Hence, if you create an efficient course, you can keep selling it again and again to make handsome money.


While the ideas discussed above are very efficient and successful in many cases, there are many other ways through which passive income can be achieved. Your goal should be to determine your passion, skills, and interest across different platforms to make a smart choice of passive income ideas.

Jobs in United

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Neurology opportunity-lincoln, ne

Bryan health california / maine / texas

Bryan physician network is seeking a be/bc neurologist to be a vital part of their growing neurology program. The current team consists of three neurologists and four neurology aprns. We welcome general neurologists and neurologists with subspecialty activiteit and interests.

Excellent compensation & benefit package great work/life balance primarily outpatient with some inpatient coverage strong subspecialty steun certified primary stroke center neuro/trauma icu multidisciplinary neurosciences team level ii verwonding center about bryan physician network

, a subsidiary of bryan health, consists of multiple specialties, including endocrinology, family medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, neurology, obstetrics and women’s health, ortho-trauma, plastic surgery, psychiatry, surgical trauma and dringend care.

About bryan health

Integrity. Leadership. Service. Teamwork. Value.

Aanname beliefs form the foundation of everything we do at. You ‘ll see it in our innovative treatments and technology, our highly skilled staff with the drive to improve, our compassion for patients and families, our collaboration with health care providers throughout the region to expand offerings and bring value, and in our pride in working together to change lives.

We ‘re a nebraska governed, non-profit health system that cares for patients, educates tomorrow ‘s health care providers, motivates our community with fitness and health programs, and collaborates to continually improve how we serve others.

Living and working in lincoln

According to a 2018 medscape report, nebraska is the 3 rd best state to practice medicine in the united states. The state ranks high in compensation and low in burnout rate and malpractice rates.

A 2019 report by ranked lincoln as the second best city in the country for good work-life harmony.

Forbes has listed lincoln as the # 1 best place in the country for business and careers and more than 100 tech start-ups have put the city on the map in the silicon prairie. Lincoln, nebraska has earned a reputation as one of the midwest ‘s most beloved cities.

Home to fine culinary and artistic treasures, a budding live music scene, breath-taking parks, numerous golf courses, miles of biking trails, and a friendly midwestern attitude, lincoln offers the exhilaration of a large city and the serenity of a smaller town all in one place. suburban living offers charming family neighborhoods, top-notch public and private k-12 schools, and a cost of living 6. 6 % below the national average! Downtown lincoln is a vibrant, growing “urban oasis” evidenced by the resurgence of young professionals choosing to live and play in the city. lincoln offers something for every lifestyle!

Equal opportunity

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status. Bryan health participates in e-verify and may provide the social security administration and, if necessary, the department of homeland security with information from each new employee ‘s form i-9 to confirm work authorization.


Increased brand awareness with led and neon signs

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As a company, you want to stand out in the crowd to increase brand awareness and product sales. A perfect way to realize this, is with led signs or neon signs. They highlight the fact your store is open, what your company offers and they definitely attract attention to people who pass by. Led or neon signs offer animation and color changes, which give your interior a warm touch. Could you use some help with the design, development and implementation of led signs and neon signs for your company? Partner up with Dekkers International B.V. if you want a real specialist in the field. They help you to increase brand awareness and sales wherever your products are sold.


Many reasons to choose led signs or neon signs for your company

Whenever your business is ready to make an impression and stand out – Dekkers International B.V. will help you out. They have a worldwide distribution service and optimal product solutions ready for you. Led signs or neon signs are characterized by their striking appearance. They are a fun way to advertise and very effective to communicate your message. With led signs or neon signs, the strengths of your brand are promoted in a functional way. But why choose these types of signs? Mainly when:

  • You want to increase product sales
  • You want people to get to know your brand
  • You want to catch the attention and you want to stand out


Get the help of a real specialist

Are you curious about what Dekkers International B.V. can do for you? They take care of the entire process. From discussing your wishes, needs, and ideas to explaining the possibilities. After that, they start the design, make a prototype and when you are satisfied with the product, they start the production. They complete their service with regulating the post-production logistics by offering you worldwide distribution. Would you like to know more? Give them a call!


Top quality shoes in all sizes

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Looking for the trendiest shoes? Look no further and read this article carefully. The nice weather is coming, so it’s time for the top 5 women’s shoes this summer. In 2020 you see the following trends:

Heeled boots

The boot made its debut in 2018, but is still popular in 2019. The heeled shoes can be worn anywhere. This way you can use it for formal occasions and informal occasions. They look beautiful on jeans or a suit. The black boots are very comfortable and are very handy because you can step in like that.

Comfortable sneakers

In the summer you will see many white sneakers. In previous years you also saw them pass by a lot and this year the style is being maintained again. White sneakers look trendy, are comfortable and you stand out. The perfect sneaker for men

Leather high shoes

The simple-looking navy blue heeled boots are extremely popular this year. They are comfortable, airy and easy. You can hardly skip them for this summer. Many brands have noticed the trend and all come with a suede shoe. That is why the range is very large. You should check out shop2fashion.

Suede boots shoes

With suede boot shoes you will probably think of the large, bulky shoes that we saw especially in the 2000s. These days we mainly see the high-top suede boots that are hip. To get ideas and buy shoes you can look at the Shop2fashion website

Shoes in different seasons

With shoes from shop2fashion it’s all about neatness and quality, with shoes from shop2fashion. The use of genuine leather is recognizable by the women’s shoes of Shop2fashion. Whether it’s sneakers or boots, from Shop2fashion shoe you always wear genuine leather. The suede boots, for example, are made from 100% cow leather. And the well-known trainers and sneakers are made of high-quality material. What is important is that Shop2fashion focuses exclusively on sustainability and quality, other recognizable factors for a true western look, silver chains, or leather shoes with a black lacquer finish.

Monoi, the secret of Polynesian beauty…

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The scent of monoi oil transports us to heavenly beaches. The word “monoi” has become synonymous with holidays and warm sand. Known not only for its enchanting fragrance, but also for its exceptional virtues, this monoi oil deserves its place in your beauty case. In fact, it is considered one of Polynesian women’s beauty secrets.

Monoi oil and its virtues on your hair

For those who do not yet know, the word “monoi” means “fragrant oil”. It is a blend of copra oil (refined coconut oil) and Tiaré flowers (Thiaré Tahiti). To obtain a quality monoi oil, Tahitians macerate 10 tiare flowers in 1 litre of refined coconut oil for at least 10 days.

Thanks to the properties of coconut oil, your monoi is able to repair your lengths. If you have brittle or dull hair, this is the perfect solution. For your dry ends, just apply a few drops of this oil to your lengths. This allows you to restore the shine and suppleness of your hair. However, it is important to know that this treatment does not promote the growth of your hair. The properties of this oil allow you to protect your hair in summer and winter.
Monoi oil is easy to apply. If you wish to use it daily, simply apply it to your ends before your shower or before swimming. It can also be used as a substitute for your conditioner. Do you need to deeply nourish your hair? Make this treatment your hair mask. Apply it to your hair and leave the mask on for 30 minutes or overnight. This solution allows you to regain the volume of your hair. Rinse several times to remove any monoi oil residues.

Monoi oil, for soft and moisturised skin

Often considered a tanning oil, monoi oil does not contain a sun protection factor. Even if its fragrance reminds us of summer on a warm sandy beach, it is important to know that it is an after-sun treatment. The properties of this oil are capable of satinizing your skin. Its use also allows you to protect your skin while nourishing it. It relieves muscular pain and prevents stretch marks in pregnant women.

If you have dry skin, we advise you to apply this scented oil to your body after your shower. It is best to apply it to damp skin to ensure optimal penetration. You can also replace your moisturiser with monoi. For daily use, add a few drops of monoi oil to your bath water. This will give you a little bit of relaxation after a day’s work.
Monoi oil can also be used as a massage oil. In fact, Polynesians massaged their newborns with this fragrant oil to relax them. Also mix your oil with sand or a little sugar. This exfoliating action allows you to remove any dead skin.

Choosing the right monoi

Only a pure, high quality monoi oil allows you to enjoy all these benefits. It is therefore important to know how to choose your oil when you buy it. Buy your monoi in a specialist shop to be sure of its authenticity. You can also buy from the major brands.
To recognise pure monoi oil, take the time to read the information on the bottle. Your monoi must have the Appellation d’Origine “Monoi de Tahiti“. You should also choose models that contain more tiare flowers and copra oil.

Home renovation: what to take into account?

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Renovating a home is not what you do every day. So it may well be that you have no idea how to start with this and what you will get. There are many things that you have to take into account in order to ultimately enjoy a good end result. What do you actually have to take into account for a renovation of your home to succeed?


A good preparation

Of the entire renovation process, preparation is perhaps the most essential. Far too often it happens that people randomly start renovating, but find out that the renovation is disappointing. Sometimes they don’t even see a way out. Good preparation can prevent a lot of misery. This involves a planned preparation, but also financially. Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve with your renovation and what the final result should look like. Also prepare a budget and establish a budget. This is your guideline, because without good finances your renovation will be delayed or even cancelled altogether. A permit application is part of the preparation. Inform yourself if you need to apply for a permit and request this in time.


Good tools are half the battle

That good tools are half the battle may sound very cliché, but it is the truth. If you work with old or worn tools, the renovation will take much longer, the end result will be much less and it will also have an effect on you immediately. You are more likely to be annoyed because you cannot do certain things with bad tools. Therefore, make sure you have good tools during the renovation. You do not always have to purchase expensive tools, a lot of equipment can also be rented.


Also pay attention to the details

It is an experience that many people have after a renovation: the details are not finished or not finished properly. Do you want to install new lighting and do you want to work with mini recessed spots? Keep this in mind immediately when installing the ceiling, even when you opt for round recessed spots. Or do you opt for replaceable recessed spots? Then use GU10 recessed spotlights. This too can be traced back to good preparation. If during the preparation you already have an idea that you want to install recessed spots in the bathroom, then you should take this into account during the renovation. It is logical that you are tired after a renovation, but do not let this affect the finish. If you have installed a new floor, make sure that you install the skirting boards immediately and do not wait weeks or even months. It may be the last few steps, but it will ensure that you enjoy the end result even more.

The real happiness in life

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What is luck? Where do we find it? How do we get it? I read that it is important to have enough money for our needs, but otherwise money has little to do with real happiness.

Happiness is the most intelligent state that we are looking for in our entire lives. In our pursuit of true happiness in life, we experienced too much pain and sacrifice. There are even times when we lose our own source of happiness. But there are only a few who know that real happiness lies in ourselves.

Happiness does not always require success, prosperity or achievements. Real happiness has its roots in selflessness – its blossom is in love with a species. The present is an era of seeking pleasure, and men are losing common sense in the crazy rush for sensations that excite and disappoint. In this day of counterfeits, counterfeits and basic imitations, the devil is busier than he has ever been in the course of human history, in the production of pleasures, both old and new; and he offers it for sale in the most attractive way, falsely labeled, “Happiness.

What is luck then? How does it differ from pure pleasure? Happiness does not leave a bad aftertaste, it is followed by no depressing reaction; it requires no repentance, no regrets, no remorse; pleasure often necessitates conversion, repentance and suffering; and if it is admitted to the extreme, it brings about degradation and destruction.

Where happiness is lived time and time again in memory, always with a renewal of the original good; a moment of unholy pleasure can leave a barbed wire stitch, which, like a thorn in the flesh, is an ever-present source of fear. Happiness is not equal to light-heartedness, nor is it one with light cheerfulness.

It seems that happiness is something that we all wish for, but few find it. Is it a career? Is happiness in our ‘things’? Looking for happiness in things will never suffice. Ultimately we just see ourselves looking further.

Just don’t take yourself too seriously. True perfection is really accepting your imperfections. In this way you do not struggle with yourself or reject yourself. Make friends with yourself. Never knock yourself down due to too many emotional problems. It is natural to feel everything, whatever it may be.

Try to meditate. There is an overwhelming amount of research that shows how meditation changes the circuits in the part of the brain for satisfaction and happiness and stimulates the “feel-good” factor. Meditating on love and kindness makes you much, much happier! And the only way to know this is to try it, so don’t hesitate. It has been proven that even just 10 minutes of meditation per day can lead to physical changes in the brain that improve concentration and focus, calm the nervous system and help you become friendlier, more compassionate and even more humorous.

Let go of negativity. Learn to forgive and forget. See every challenge as an opportunity for further growth. Be grateful for what you have. Don’t worry about the little things. Take enough “care vacations” where you train your mind not to worry about a certain time.

See the humor in life and in our experiences. Take life less seriously and learn to laugh at yourself. Serve and be kind to others. Treat everyone with kindness. Speak well about others. Really listen to others. Support them without introducing yourself. Be careful with your words. Speak softer, friendlier and wiser. Respect others and their free will. Trust in others and be trusting back.

Work as part of a whole. See others as partners in your efforts. Practice generosity and give without expecting anything in return. Live in the present. Do not repeat negative events or worry about the future. Accept and honor transience. Be grateful for your life, for every moment of every day.

Observe yourself in the moment. Choose a healthy lifestyle. Keep a daily routine. Wake up at the same time every morning, preferably early. Get enough sleep. Do not eat too much and try to practice healthy self-control. Exercise daily to the point of sweating.

Smile more. Laughter is the best medicine. Practice deep breathing and yoga. The body and mind are connected. Take care of your mind. Stay informed to learn new things. Be creative.

Be free inwardly. Live minimal and simple. Often extravagant life brings more stress, not more satisfaction. Make your house clutter-free to contaminate your mind. Feel good in your own house. Make it your sanctuary by keeping it clean, organized, and uplifting. Go without certain things that you think you need.

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3 Möglichkeiten, WhatsApp-Nachrichten zu verfolgen, ohne dass sie es merken

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WhatsApp – die plattformübergreifende Chat-App machte Schlagzeilen, als sie von Facebook für satte 19 Milliarden US-Dollar erworben wurde. Mit mehr als 500 Millionen aktiven Benutzern pro Monat verspricht WhatsApp, dass alle Nachrichten verschlüsselt sind. Dies ist ein weiterer wichtiger Grund für die Nutzung des Dienstes. Aber auch eine Plattform wie WhatsApp kann sowohl von Jung als auch von Alt und jedem dazwischen leicht missbraucht werden. Aus diesem Grund ist es wichtig, die WhatsApp-Tracking-Software zu installieren, um zu wissen, dass sie für gute Zwecke verwendet wird. Die große Frage, die Sie sich stellen, ist jedoch, wie Sie WhatsApp-Nachrichten verfolgen können. Um Ihre Frage zu beantworten, stellen wir Ihnen drei großartige WhatsApp-Tracking-Softwarelösungen vor.


Teil 1: Wie verfolge ich WhatsApp-Nachrichten mit mSpy?


Ähnlich wie Spyzie ist auch mSpy eine hochgelobte App, die es ermöglicht, WhatsApp-Nachrichten zu verfolgen, ohne dass sie es merken, und mit einer Vielzahl von äußerst nützlichen Funktionen zu beginnen. Es ist sowohl mit iOS- als auch mit Android-Geräten kompatibel und kann von jedem Webbrowser aus aufgerufen werden, sodass Sie WhatsApp-Nachrichten aus der Ferne und mit völliger Diskretion verfolgen können. MSpy ist auch einfach zu installieren. In dem unwahrscheinlichen Fall, dass Sie auf Probleme stoßen, können Sie sich jederzeit auf die kostenlose Online-Hilfe des Herstellers beziehen oder sich mit dem unübertroffenen Kundensupport in Verbindung setzen.


Neben den Funktionen zur WhatsApp-Nachrichtenverfolgung bietet Ihnen mSpy eine große Auswahl, darunter die Überwachung von Anrufen und die Verwaltung von Anrufbeschränkungen, die Verfolgung von gesendeten und empfangenen Textnachrichten, das Webprotokoll wie das Durchsuchen von Mustern und eingehenden und ausgehenden E-Mails sowie den Zugriff auf Kalender und Kontakte und Verwalten installierter Apps. mSpy bietet dort eine große Auswahl an Plänen, von denen jeder mit einigen großartigen Funktionen aufwarten kann. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit WhatsApp-Tracking mithilfe von mSpy beginnen.


Schritt 1. Nachdem Sie einen der drei angebotenen Pläne ausgewählt haben, müssen Sie mSpy registrieren und die App auf Ihr Zielgerät herunterladen.


Schritt 2. Gehen Sie jetzt zum mSpy-Dashboard und klicken Sie im linken Bereich auf WhatsApp-Nachrichten, um eine Liste aller gesendeten und empfangenen Nachrichten zu erhalten. Außerdem können Sie die Nachrichten nach Datum sortieren, um sie leichter anzeigen zu können.


Über das mSpy-Dashboard können Sie sogar den Standort Ihres Zielgeräts in Echtzeit anzeigen und nach Belieben Geozäune einrichten.


Teil 2: Wie kann man WhatsApp-Nachrichten mit Spyzie verfolgen?

Auf unserer Liste steht Spyzie, eine preisgekrönte App für die mobile Überwachung, die nicht nur den Standort von Mobiltelefonen erfasst, sondern auch eine Reihe anderer Messdaten erfasst. Spyzie ist sowohl für Android- als auch für iOS-Geräte verfügbar und für zwei monatlich bezahlte Abonnements mit jeweils eigenen umfangreichen Funktionen verfügbar. Es wird von erstklassigem mehrsprachigem Support unterstützt. Neben WhatsApp-Tracking können Sie mit Spyzie sowohl eingehende als auch ausgehende Anrufe überwachen, Textnachrichten verfolgen, Kontakte durchsuchen, Fotos anzeigen, installierte Apps anzeigen, den Browserverlauf überprüfen, Notizen und Erinnerungen lesen, eine Vorschau von Videos anzeigen und den GPS-Standort verfolgen. Der Einstieg in Spyzie WhatsApp Tracking ist so einfach wie die Installation von fremdes handy orten über whatsapp. Hier sind ein paar Schritte, die Sie auf dem richtigen Weg führen.


Schritt 1. Nachdem Sie den richtigen Plan für Ihre Bedürfnisse ausgewählt haben, müssen Sie die Software registrieren. Dies ist nur eine Frage des Ausfüllens einiger Felder.


Schritt 2. Wenn Sie fertig sind, müssen Sie Spyzie Informationen zu dem Gerät geben, das Sie verfolgen möchten, und die App auf dem Zieltelefon installieren.


Schritt 3. Um WhatsApp-Nachrichten von Mobiltelefonen zu verfolgen, rufen Sie das Spyzie-Dashboard auf und wählen Sie die rechte Option im linken Bereich aus.


Auf diese Weise können Sie WhatsApp-Nachrichten nachverfolgen, ohne dass diese davon erfahren, solange Sie nicht verraten, dass Sie Spyzie installiert haben, um Sie bei dieser Aufgabe zu unterstützen.


Teil 3: Wie kann ich WhatsApp-Nachrichten mit MaxxSpy verfolgen?

Mit MaxxSpy, das derzeit für Android-Geräte verfügbar ist, können Sie nur WhatsApp-Nachrichten, Textnachrichten, Viber- und Facebook-Nachrichten verfolgen. Es bietet ein vollständiges Testangebot für 48 Stunden, um alle Funktionen zu testen, sodass Sie mit der App Ihre Füße nass machen können. Jeder der 5 von MaxxSpy angebotenen Pläne wird durch eine 5-Tage-Geld-zurück-Garantie abgesichert, sodass Sie beim Kauf wirklich nichts zu verlieren haben.


Nachdem Sie den richtigen Plan für Ihre Anforderungen ausgewählt haben, können Sie den Installationsvorgang wie folgt abschließen.


Schritt 1. Konfigurieren Sie Ihr Ziel-Smartphone so, dass Apps von Drittanbietern akzeptiert werden.


Schritt 2. Rufen Sie auf Ihrem Android-Gerät die Google-Einstellungen auf und deaktivieren Sie “Gerät nach Sicherheitsbedrohungen durchsuchen”.


Schritt 3. Laden Sie MaxxSpy herunter, installieren Sie es auf Ihrem Zielgerät und erteilen Sie die Anwendungserlaubnis.


Schritt 4. Richten Sie MaxxSpy ein, um WhatsApp-Nachrichten von Ihrem Smartphone aus zu verfolgen.


Schritt 4. Sie können sich auch bei einem vorhandenen Konto anmelden, um diese WhatsApp-Tracking-Software zu verwenden.