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Marketing Your eCommerce Store with Diverse Content Strategy

Content marketing is an essential part of any online business. It’s the way people discover businesses nowadays. And the more people see your Shoplazza or Shopify store, the more customers you’ll get.

But content marketing is also hard! You’ve got to create consistent content without fail, or you might lose all the momentum. Therefore you need a content strategy. That makes it easier to create new content.

Understanding Content Marketing

First, I’d like to tell you about the true purpose of content marketing, as it is usually misunderstood. The thing is, content marketing’s primary goal isn’t to get new customers. You might still get new customers, but it’s all an outcome of your content strategy.

Instead, content marketing’s primary goal is to get seen by new people and make them interested in what you have to offer.

Building an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Step #1 – Define Your Goals

First, we need to define our primary goals. As stated before, we shouldn’t focus on getting sales. Instead, we should focus on two things: getting seen by new people or making people interested in what we offer.

For example, if we want to make people interested, our primary goal might be to convert people into email subscribers. Thus, we need to create a good lead magnet and promote it on our social media channels or blogs.

But if it’s the other way round, we need to promote our content through ads.

Step #2 – Research Your Market

Now that you know your primary objective, we need to understand our audience. The thing is, not all types of trending content work for our audience. So instead, we should take a look at what they like.

We can do that in multiple ways, but the easiest way is to do competitor research. So find your competitor’s blog and social media channels, and dive deep into them. You want to find out what content works for their audience. Look for patterns and topics that work best.

Then all that is left is to replicate the content on your profiles with your twist on it.

#3 – Create your Content Schedule

Now that you know what content works for your audience, it’s time to create a content schedule. You need to do it for two reasons:

It helps you be consistent: Consistency is the key in social media. Many platforms reward with extra engagement and reach for those who pump out content regularly.

It makes it more predictable: Another thing is that content marketing is becoming more predictable. That way, you know exactly how much content you need each week, making it easier to plan.

Pro Tip: To make scheduling content even more manageable, I recommend using Buffer. You can schedule all your posts for every primary social media channel with it.

#4 – Start Making Content

Now all that is left is to start making content. So use all the knowledge you’ve gained and start creating them. If you don’t have time for that, you could also outsource content creation! This way, you’re giving yourself more time to work on more essential manners.

#5 – Review & Improve

It’s not enough to keep doing the same old content forever. You should also periodically review your performance and find ways to improve it. I’d suggest you do at least a content review once a month. During that, you want to find answers to the following questions:

  • Did I get closer to my goal?
  • If not, then what went wrong?
  • If I did, then why?
  • Where could I improve upon?

Once you answer these questions, you should start making adjustments and make your content strategy even better than it was the previous month.

Make Repurposing Content Your Best Friend

Now that might sound good and all, but it didn’t make content marketing easier for you. For that, I have two words for it: repurposed content!

For those who don’t know what it is, repurposing content takes your existing content and edits it a bit to make it into new content. That’s a much faster way to create content, as you won’t have to think about anything new.

For example, let’s say you created a blog post. Well, then you could create a lot of new content out of it. First, you could create a video for your YouTube channel! Then you could use this video to make small snippet videos for TikTok. And then also make an infographic for Pinterest.

And if you have multiple blog posts, you can mix and match the information for more repurposed content.

You can make a lot of content from a single blog post. So if you’re out of content ideas, or don’t have much time, then this is a compelling way to do it.


And that’s how you can create a diversified content strategy for eCommerce. We hope you find something helpful in this article to incorporate into your marketing strategy. So all you have to do is follow the five steps and make repurposing content your ally! Then you’ll make content marketing a breeze.

(Contributed by Andreas Ojala & Hermes Fang) 


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