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Lütkehaus & Büser – E1 real estate agency Ahlen with off market real estate brokerage

Carmen Lütkehaus and Silke Büser are partners of E1 International Investment Holding GmbH from Wiesbaden with their GbR für Immobilien und Finanzierung with its registered office in the Westphalian community of Ahlen. Ahlen is located a good 30 kilometres or an hour’s drive southeast of the city of Münster.

E1 Holding or E1 for short is a German service provider for off market real estate and capital investments. Off Market means outside the open, i.e. publicly accessible real estate and capital investment market. E1 works with a network that is as dense as it is discreet and is represented at around three and a half dozen locations throughout Germany. In this region of the Münsterland region, somewhat away from large cities and conurbations, Lütkehaus & Büser Off Market Immobilien Ahlen represents the interests of E1. Here, real estate owners as well as investors from Ahlen and the surrounding area will find absolutely discreet support in achieving their goals on the real estate market for off market properties.

Services and competencies of your E1 Real Estate Agent Ahlen

With our real estate brokerage services, we take over the discreet mediation of solvent investors for land and property owners. Within two weeks, E1 Immobilienbüro Ahlen will provide you with a diverse selection, divided into institutional, commercial and private investors. As E1 partner we have access to the E1 Holding database with off market properties and real estate. The entire E1 portfolio is carefully maintained and checked, each individual property is currently valued.

Further focal points of our E1 investment and real estate brokerage are for the 120 km² city of Ahlen and the catchment area with neighbouring communities in the entire district of Warendorf such business areas as real estate financing, property management activities for condominiums and rental properties as well as brokerage from residential to commercial properties. Our Off Market Real Estate Agency Ahlen is a Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognised training company with the two languages of communication, German and English.