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Intelligent solutions for heat recovery from exhaust gas

For the energy to be available even when there is no or only little waste heat due to exhaust gases, heat recovery works most effectively in a network. With a combination of smoke flow heat exchangers and heat recovery from exhaust gas, which caches its extracted energy in a buffer, the full heat output is always available. For example, manufacturing processes can be reliably supported, or the room climate can be maintained at a uniform level.

There is a lot of interest in waste heat recovery all over Europe. In Germany for instance, heat recovery (or – “Abwärmenutzung” – as it is called in German, has great potential and many different companies are looking towards installing waste heat recovery systems.

With today’s technology, but also the exact opposite can be achieved. Air coolers pass on the recovered heat to a cooling medium. This then operates the air conditioning and thus ensure, for example, in the summer, pleasant temperatures in the premises and without any additional primary energy consumption.

Solutions from exodraft can reduce the need for expensive primary energy of your company by up to 16%. Especially in sectors with high energy requirements, enormous savings can be made.

How the heat recovery from exhaust gas works

An exhaust gas heat exchanger reduces the temperatures in the exhaust gas flow. The resulting energy can be reused almost lossless with high efficiency. The possibilities are not limited only to the use for the heating or the heating of the utility water.

Also, manufacturing processes that require a high temperature can be supported. In many cases, the thermal energy is high enough to replace existing complex heating systems. In general, an exhaust gas heat exchanger can be used for all conceivable exhaust gases. So, it does not matter if oil, gas, or an open fire is burned.

Depending on the degree of contamination of the existing exhaust gas, exodraft offers various solutions that can achieve high efficiency even with coarse impurities in the material flow.

A well-thought-out design with service openings allows easy and effective cleaning. Should a complete shutdown of the system be undesirable, there is also a solution for this. It can be installed quickly and easily a replacement cartridge with a few simple steps.

High temperature differences thanks to high quality materials

Exhaust gas heat recovery is most effective when there is a high temperature difference. State-of-the-art materials in conjunction with high-tech coatings allow for enormous thermal energies.


For example, the exhaust gases of gas turbines can be converted with a very high efficiency. exodraft offers individual solutions with a long service life.


No matter where and how you want to use waste heat for power generation, special solutions from exodraft, tailored to individual requirements, always offer the highest level of efficiency with minimum maintenance intensity.

Due to the variety of materials and designs, the various designs of heat exchangers are available. Examples are lamellar, smooth tube, or finned tube heat exchangers. Classical are air heaters – the most used design. They serve to heat air or other gases for later use, for example for the room air.


Waste heat recovery from exhaust gas in practice

Due to steadily rising energy prices and increasingly stringent emissions regulations, energy recovery from modern companies has become indispensable.

Saving the required primary energy by up to 16% makes your company more resistant to unexpected price fluctuations in the energy market and also significantly reduces CO² emissions. The elimination of heaters for their own manufacturing processes can save additional costs directly.

Experience has shown that with an intelligent solution from exodraft, the return on investment, ie the point from which the system automatically wears, is reached after only 2 years. Thanks to the low-maintenance heat exchangers, energy savings can be expected long after this point.

In addition, the technology also saves emissions because the exhaust gases can be cleaned to some degree. The condensate can usually be discharged unfiltered as wastewater. This is good for the environment and saves extra money in energy-intensive production processes.

Nowadays there are hardly any restrictions when it comes to the heat recovery from exhaust gases. There are already universal solutions for many areas and areas of application. We’ll make sure you get the most appropriate technology for your business and your use. We will agree with you which equipment is necessary in your situation in order to produce the maximum heat recovery.

To ensure that exodraft flue gas heat exchangers can meet even the most difficult requirements in the long term, they are manufactured using the best materials for the right purpose.