What is underfloor heating?

First of all, you need to know that underfloor heating has become a popular option of renewable energy installations in Scotland. We, at Incognito Heat Co, couldn’t be prouder to provide underfloor heating in Aberdeen and Dundee.

This heating generation technique uses two alternatives to generate energy. It can either use electric coils or pump warm water through pipes usually placed under the floor.

These are referred to as the dry and wet system respectively.

The layout of underfloor heating pipes by a professional either into your current or new house is essential. This is by no means a task you should undertake on your own.

You need professionals to analyse your flooring and develop a comfortable design that will provide your home with radiant warmth after installation.

Underfloor heating applies the principle of ‘rising heat’.  Heated water is channeled through the heating pipes laid in the entire room.

So, How Can Underfloor Heating Help You Save the Environment and You Money?

They operate at a temperature of 40-45 degrees compared to the high range of 70-80 degrees with radiators. As a result, heat is distributed evenly into the room.

Constant and even distribution of heat in a home gives it a higher performance compared to other conventional energy generating methods. Better yet, you will not experience any cold spots in your space.

The Role of Underfloor Heating in Saving the Environment and Your Money

The number of households and commercial spaces using underfloor heating has increased over the years. This is mainly attributed to its benefits as well as to its cost-effectiveness.

Considering opting for underfloor heating in Aberdeen or underfloor heating in Dundee? Check out some of the benefits of this system that will help you make the decision:

Even Distribution of Heat

The pipes are evenly placed under the floor to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed to all the corners of your house. This way, you do not have to stress over varying temperatures in different spots. The thermostats also make it easy to control the heat level for your comfort.

Underfloor heating is more efficient in energy saving than radiators. The latter often heat the air above them directly. The heat is then quickly dispersed from your intended area. Radiators end up generating heat that does not last and, consequently, a lot of energy is lost without heating the entire space.

At Incognito Heat Co we always make sure that the underfloor heating pumps are installed vertically. This allows direct distribution of heat from the floor because warm air always rises. On the other hand, warm air in radiators sits vertically in the room – this is why it’s always colder at floor level.

Energy Efficient Properties

Underfloor heating pumps do not require extremely hot water like radiators for efficient heat generation. The water has to be boiled at a high temperature of 65-75 degrees for the user to feel the heat effects.

Contrarily, the pipes under the floor are evenly distributed to work efficiently without requiring excessive hot water. Underfloor heating pumps only require water to be heated at a temperature of 29 degrees for efficient functioning. It is important to note that floor finishing will influence the temperature required to distribute the heat.

The wet underfloor system is recommended for a well-insulated building. Proper insulation maintains a continuous heat generation even at low temperatures. It is advisable to place the underfloor heating pipes in the main room and the small heaters in other rooms for efficiency.

We tend to use some rooms more than others, so we need to keep this in mind when planning a heating system. This is the main reason why commercial buildings occupants get to enjoy a higher effectiveness compared to the users of smaller building. The large space of occupied continuously, so such buildings can either use the wet or the dry heating system.

No Maintenance Cost Incurred

When you opt for underfloor heating in Aberdeen or underfloor heating in Dundee installed by us, we guarantee proper installation and comfortable designs that are maintenance-free. We provide a lifetime guarantee of excellent conditions after installation.

There is either a programmable or an automatic smart Wi-Fi thermostat to regulate the amount of heat. You also get to decide when to switch it on or off. The warm-up controllers are efficient, thus significantly reducing your utility bills.

Financial Benefits

Home or commercial properties with underfloor heating always get a higher resale value. You can resell your house at a higher price than intended by installing an underfloor heating system.


You do not have to worry about changing your floors for compatibility purposes. Our underfloor heating systems are compatible with all flooring types such as tile, wood, stone, laminate, or carpet.

You can opt to use the current floor and wall space or change it. There’s a broad range of flooring designs that will work with this system. You get to choose your preferred stylish design and keep warm at an affordable rate.

(photo: Photographer Zwolle)

Dust-Free and Healthy Environment

Underfloor heating is the perfect option for people with allergies. This system does not promote air circulation, which can disperse dust all around your living spaces.

Underfloor heating mainly focuses on distributing even and direct heat from the floor. Unlike radiators, which circulate hot air in a room to try and get the heat to all the spots, underfloor heating pumps offer uniform heat and a cleaner environment.

Fresh and Oxygen-Rich Air

The radiant heat generated from underfloor heat pipes improves and maintains air quality in your home. It does not use a thermal circulation system that causes warm air to rise. The circulation affects the quality of air and oxygen levels because of the floating dust particles.

If you choose to install an underfloor heating system, you can forget about all these issues.


Some of the traditional power and heat generating systems are out in the open. These pose an unforeseen danger to your children who can trip over them. On the other hand, the heat pipes are placed under the floor, safely tucked. You do not have to worry all the time or incur expenses resulting from accidents.


Underfloor heating is not only convenient and cost-effective, but also eco-friendly. It is also a worthwhile investment with a lifetime guarantee. The right installer shouldn’t only offer you a wide array of flooring designs, but also guarantee proper installation. Reach out to us for a sustainable and comfortable heating solution in Aberdeen or Dundee that is good for the environment and for your finances