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How To Prepare For 2021

It was a relief to say goodbye to 2020, but the start of the new year hasn’t been as positive as we might have hoped. COVID-19 is still a cause for concern, along with the safety of others within the workplace.

For most employers, it’s imperative to create a safe environment and with the adaptation of office furniture, you’ll have a wide selection. 2021, for most, has resulted in remote working to ensure safety. However, whilst the office is out of use, you’ll have the chance to COVID proof your office ready for the return.

The main messages we have received from the government have been Hands, Face & Space. All of which can be implemented in most work spaces.

Hands – Make sure you wash and sanitise your hands

To prevent the spread by shared surfaces and areas, the access to anti-bacterial hand gels and soap is important. Hand washing is preferable, but when this isn’t possible hand sanitiser is a great second.

In addition, cleaning surfaces between uses allows you to take extra care when in the office.

Face – Face coverings were necessary to reduce the spread

Face masks and coverings have been introduced to all indoor activities, but not all spaces. With access to different styles and shapes, you’ll be able to find the most comfortable fit for a long day in the office.

Space – 2m social distancing from others at all times

Sitting in the office is generally about sitting next to your team and working closely. The 2m social distancing regulation doesn’t allow that, so to comply your desks must be stationed at least 2m away from others in the office.

Safety for employees is at the top of the list and there are many ways you can enforce this. In combination with the government guidelines, social distancing screens are ideal for open spaces.

By adding screening you’ll be able to divide an open space into safe working zones for each individual. Acrylic and laminate finishes are preferable, due to the ability to regularly clean and disinfect. Office screening acts as a barrier and ensures you’re personal space is safe, allowing you to return to the office when it’s safe to do so.