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A tuned liquid damper lessens vibrations in slender structures

Flow Engineering is a company with over 20 years of knowledge in analyzing, producing and installing dampers to slender structures. The experts provide solutions to lessen the influences of nature, by installing custom-made dampers to buildings all over the world. The systems work perfectly for big flagpoles, high chimneys on industrial sites and other structures that are subject to hard winds or other forces of nature. The company provides everything that is needed not only for the reduction of vibration, but also to prevent fatigue damage in slender constructions.

These systems make slender structures more durable

Do you have a vibrational problem in an existing structure? Or do you want a company to help find dynamic problems while the construction is still in its design phase? Flow Engineering is here to help you find the right solutions for your project. Their systems have proved themselves in practice. One of these systems is the tuned liquid damper, which provides a unique way to damper vibrations in fragile structures. The damper box is partly filled with a mixture of water and glycol. It fluctuates in the opposite direction of crosswinds or waves because it can oscillate both horizontally and vertically. Other than the tuned liquid damper, this company also provides another system, the tuned mass damper. This system is chosen more often than the liquid damper and contains a volume that also fluctuates either vertically or horizontally.

Find the right solution for your construction with the help of these experts

Are you interested in knowing more about the possibilities the tuned liquid damper, or one of their other systems, can offer for your project? The experts of Flow Engineering are eager to tell you more and will happily answer all of your questions. You can easily contact the company by reaching out to them via the contact details on their website.