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5 Strategies of Passive Income

While achieving maximum financial freedom from passive income may seem like a pipe dream for many people, it can actually be a source of infinite possible income. It is an ultimate opportunity of earning money while not working in the mundane routine of 9 to 5 office hours because the possibilities and ideas of passive income are infinite.

We have summarized five strategies to help you in making passive income and enjoy its massive benefits, like more free time for friends and family and more freedom in professional and personal life.

1.    Dividend Stocks Investment

A common and one of the most successful passive income ideas is investments in stock markets like ETF or dividends stocks. For such types of investment, you must have sufficient cash in your hand initially to make invest money appropriately. Dividend investing, in particular, is hugely beneficial for the majority of the people as there are very few chances of losing your money compared to the other investments. You must spend some time, energy, and steady investment in studying the market and investing accordingly.

2.    Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the latest passive income ideas that is becoming rapidly popular. A website or a social media platform is necessary for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing includes promoting other companies, services, or products by posting their links on your platform. Whenever someone uses your affiliate link to buy products or services from other companies, you get paid a handsome amount of money, depending on the contract you have signed.

3.    Advertising

Displaying ads on your website, social media accounts, YouTube channel, and blogs can be a source of good passive income. In recent times, monetization policies of various platforms have become stricter, but it is achievable through constant effort and high-quality content.

4.    Cost-per-click Ads

CPC ads are another type of advertising. It means that you include the links of the ads on your website, and whenever users click that link, you get paid immediately. It is different from the affiliate marketing as it pays the money quickly and is not dependent on the fact that what the user will do after clicking and opening the CPC ad. You should add CPC ads on your platforms and make efforts to drive organic traffic so that the chances of the ads being clicked increases.

5.    Selling Courses

Online education, diplomas, and courses have become immensely popular in recent times. The importance of online courses is at its peak due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown situation around the world. In such severe scenarios, many people have turned to the internet to learn new skills through online courses. Hence, if you create an efficient course, you can keep selling it again and again to make handsome money.


While the ideas discussed above are very efficient and successful in many cases, there are many other ways through which passive income can be achieved. Your goal should be to determine your passion, skills, and interest across different platforms to make a smart choice of passive income ideas.