Why purchase an R4i flashcard

The R4i flashcard is one among the many choices you would have at your disposal. You should obviously have some reasons to opt for a particular flashcard. If you have owned an R4 flashcard before, regardless of its version, you may know the kind of advantages that are in the offing. Regardless of your prior experience with R4 cards, here is why you should consider buying the R4i flashcard.

  • The R4i flashcard is fascinatingly small, sleek and has quite an endearing design. Gone are the days when cartridges or storage components would have to be like cassettes. The R4i flashcard is certainly a small but potent flashcard which you can conveniently carry with you, use it whenever you want and be certain of having all the content that you want to carry along.
  • The R4i flashcard has a memory of 32 GB but it is not a heftily priced device. At the price the R4i sells, you may get 32 GB storage capacity but you wouldn’t get the brand of R4 flashcards. While R4i flashcard is compatible with all major devices, it is particularly meant for Nintendo Wii consoles. The R4i flashcard can be used with all models of Nintendo gaming consoles and it would not only be a storage device but also a component that facilitates the downloading of games. In that sense, the R4i flashcard is an integral component to Nintendo Wii gaming consoles.
  • You can store all kinds of content in the R4i flashcard. You can albeit store games and considering the 32 GB space, you can store several games. The flashcard is a state of the art device and you can have support for very high resolution games with ease. You can store your movies, music collections, personal photos and videos and all kinds of files in the R4i flashcard. Hence, it is not only a storage device meant for fun but it can also be used for work.
  • The R4i flashcard has been receiving raving reviews from experts and consumers alike. It is a sturdy flashcard that is not prone to get corrupt. You wouldn’t lose your data for no rhyme or reason or due to unexplained causes. The efficiency of the flashcard, its prompt response and readability doesn’t get hampered with time or when you keep using it for long hours.

In every sense, the R4i flashcard is a good choice and a wise investment.