Virtual Reality Gaming and the Playstation 4/4.5

Sony has just confirmed the longstanding rumors about a possible Playstation 4.5. The rumors were just confirmed and the entertainment company is now working on a more-improved Playstation 4 they call the “Playstation Neo” or Playstation 4.5 among fans.

The Playstation Neo aims to bring a great VR gaming experience for the gamers. The company is set to release their Sony VR headsets this coming October and it will deliver VR experience to the masses.

With a promise of 50 VR games that will be released this year, Sony has a bright future the rest of 2016.

But, there are some questions that have surfaced around the internet. A lot of people are asking if they are required to buy the new Playstation Neo in order to enjoy VR gaming or if the current Playstation 4 would suffice.

That question was answered by Jim Ryan, Sony’s global head of marketing and sales. According to Ryan, players can actually enjoy the VR gaming experience even with the current Playstation 4 game console.

He said that the current generation PS4 game console has enough horsepower for people to experience virtual reality gaming.

Of course, the Playstation Neo has more powerful hardware, making the experience more polished and streamlined.

The 50 games that were mentioned at the E3 2016 event were Playstation 4 titles and none of them are exclusive to the Playstation Neo.

With that being said, current Playstation 4 owners will just have to buy the VR headsets and the compatible VR games come October of this year.

In other news, Jim Ryan also said the reason behind Sony’s move to not showcase the Playstation Neo in the event.

According to Ryan, the Playstation Neo is still in the works and technicians and developers are still streamlining the hardware.

Furthermore, the company wanted to focus more on the games rather than the actual hardware, that is why Sony opted not to showcase the PS Neo in the event.

Another reason why the company did not show the PS Neo to the public yet is because they wanted to make sure that the game console works without problems and they want to show it only if it is fully ready.

For me, the Playstation Neo is reported to be revolutionary. It comes with very powerful hardware specs and it should be good until the Playstation 5 gets released a few years from now.

The Playstation Neo is geared towards VR game console experience. With this move by Sony, we will now have more VR games at the end of the year and next year. Who knows what the company has in store for us gamers in general.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the E3 2016 event and I am excited to see if Sony has one more explosive announcement to make.

Just to recap, the Playstation 4 is adequate enough for VR gaming and the Playstation Neo will just improve the VR experience. You do not need to buy the Playstation Neo, though.