Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss

Over the years, raspberry ketones have been used in soft drinks, cosmetic products and food flavouring ingredients. This is because ketones are the natural chemicals found in raspberries, which give them their rich and appealing aroma. However, some recent studies conducted to gauge the effects of ketones on animals showed that these chemicals are great at burning fat and regulating metabolism. This created a lot of interest in raspberry ketones, propelling them to household names as they became one of the most sought after weight loss product on the market. Below we will take a look at how exactly this came to being.

Raspberry ketones were first tested on rats to gauge their effectiveness in inducing weight loss by burning fat. It was observed that the rats did indeed lose weight after being dosed with the natural chemical over a given trial period. Another study had been conducted to test how effective the chemical was when used on rats that were still on a fatty diet. It was observed that the rats also lost weight despite being kept on a fatty diet that kept introducing more fat into their bodies. These studies led to the assumption that raspberry ketones would have the same effect when used on humans.

How Raspberry Ketones Burn Fat

Research findings have indicated that raspberry ketones effectively broke down fat/lipids in the fat cells within the body. This further indicated that the chemical can be used as a fat burner due to its impressive ability to break down fats. It was also documented that this natural chemical favoured the production of the protein adiponectin, which is found in low concentrations in obese people. This protein is thought to regulate the metabolism and hence influence fat burning in the natural functioning of the body. These findings have been vital in leading numerous people in the world to believe that this natural chemical can be used to enhance weight loss in people who are overweight and thus help them achieve a healthy weight easily and faster than the available methods today.

One of the main drawbacks when it comes to marketing this natural chemical as a weight loss drug is the high cost of production and, therefore, the subsequent price. To produce a full dose of raspberry ketones, a huge amount of raspberries is required. To be exact, around 41 kilograms of strawberries are needed to produce one dose of strawberry ketones for weight loss purposes. This has led to it being sold at very high prices that have worked to put off many consumers.

Strawberry ketones might not have a mountain of tests and research findings backing their effectiveness in enhancing weight loss, but it is important to note that the available data does indicate that they do burn fat.